Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Absent Friends

I have not written for a long time. I have not had the motivation to. Here is why. We have lost two of our own. Two really good men have died in service to their country.

Andre Craig: A brave man, witty and funny, he would always voulenteer for things, and laugh about everything. When you'd get screwed over he's shrug and say "that's alright" He was a friend, and always loyal. He loved his daughter, even though he only saw her once, before he died. He was planning on making the army a career, and I joed with him once that he would be Seargent Major Craig, and I'd come bug him for things. I treated him. Somehow he managed to hang on till we got to Loyalty, but sadly, he lost the fight for his life on the bird. It was bad. I will not describe his injuries here, know only that they were horific, and he literally would not have lived regaurdless of any action that could have been taken on his behalf.

Harilson: A country boy through and theough. Though we teased him about it, he really did have a Forest Gumpesque quality to him. though he might bitch about this detail or that or his team leader getting on his case he always tried to look on the bright side. he wasa great guy, quiet and hard working. you knew that if he got off the gorund he'd go far. He was killed by a roadside bomb yesterday (17 july). He was dead before i ever got on scene.

They were my brothers. I will miss them. War is terrible, and sadly this is the profession i am a master of. All i can do is remember them and try to move on.