Wednesday, February 6, 2013

To Succeed you have to Secede?

The State of Virginia, long one of the most powerful states in the union, is sussing out the possibility of printing their own money independent of the US Treasury, which might seem strange if things were a-ok.  But they're not.   Its often joked about, and many people laugh about the die hards of the Deep South that still call the Civil War the "War of Northern Aggression" (which they're actually justified in calling seeing as only two major battles were actually fought in the North).  But no one seriously thinks that the Union could break apart again. Or do they? 

It is becoming ever more clear that some states, not all of which are in the South, are getting fed up with having to deal with the insanity that often comes out of Washington DC.  There are some states that have a balanced budget, or even budget surpluses, and are tired of supporting other states that can't seem to get their act together.  The corruption in Washington and the myriad of lobbyists make it so that most Americans truly feel that the Federal government doesn't represent them.  To say that the average American fees that their tax dollars are being wasted is an understatement. 

So could the States start to break away?  It is arguable that there are some states like Texas that actually could break away, and do alright for themselves as a small country.  Virgina is another state.  California, theoretically could too if it got it's budgetary house in order (which it won't as long as they elect people like Jerry Brown).  Every State has it's own internal economy, road system, and defined borders.  They each have their own governments, tax system, and police forces.  Perhaps more importantly every state has their own military (the National Guard) that they could use to defend themselves if they need too.  Most of our states are bigger that most countries so yes it could happen.   

Some States like Illinois, or New York might actually break apart internally, if things came down to it.  Chicago and New York City may see themselves as the center of their prospective states, but the rest of the people living in those states absolutely hate how their tax dollars get sucked up by the big cities that then export laws that the rest of the state doesn't agree with.  The corruption in Chicago has long been a running joke, and a black eye for Illinois, which might explain why Springfield, despite being the capitol, is not where state business actually gets done.  Likewise, while Andrew Cuomo might actually be popular within the five Burroughs, go to a place Like Bath or Buffalo, and you'd be amazed at just how opposed they are to just about everything Albany does.  Sadly as NYC happens to be the largest city in the country let alone the state, it's pretty clear that NYC can simply out vote the rest of the state.  Were we to see a break-up of the union, in an "every state for themselves" type of break up, it is possible that NYC and Chicago could be isolated from the states they once called home.

Of course at this point all this is hypothetical.  The idea of the Union actually breaking up is abhorrent to most Americans, so for the time being this is just elaborate saber rattling.  It is important to note that words, and idle threats have become official policy before.  Our own history should show, we are an agreeable people who will try to negotiate right up until the point that we simply can't stand it anymore, then we will act.  The Deceleration of Independence, is a boldly worded document, that describes the feelings on the individual rights of man, and how the usurpation of a government should not be tolerated.  When one reads the charges against the King, one can not help drawing parallels to today.  The people feel like they aren't being represented, they feel the tax burden is too high, and is feeding a system that has no desire to actually spend this money wisely. 

We should be aware, not as a reason for paranoia, but as a wake up, that such rumblings are being made by more and more people.  Rather than dismiss this and say "that'll never happen" we had best take a long look in the mirror and ask "Could it happen, and if so why?"  I do not ascribe to conspiracy of shadow governments, and Roswell aliens, but I do believe that there are people who are plain and abusive in how they use their political powers.  Tyranny almost never starts off with grand gestures, indeed it almost always starts off simply with good intentions.  A look in the mirror, is a very good idea, lest we too quickly travel down that road. 

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Thunderstixx said...

Well stated, and quite true !!! I am moving to Texas from Wisconsin in the near future as I firmly believe that Texas will be the first state to secede and many more will follow in a short period of time.