Thursday, September 19, 2013

Spartan Race Opportunity

What really amazes me is when people reach out to me to advertise on my Blog.  I kinda think I'm a nobody, but every once in a while I get completely unexpected requests out of the blue.  I've hesitated to push anything, but this one is too good to pass up. 

If anyone knows me, they know I love a challenge.  Spartan Races are about as much of a challenge as yo can get.  I've had tons of friend try them, all have reported that even the short "Spartan Sprint" is extremely challenging.  I can not wait to try it myself.  Unfortunately for me getting time off work and also the money to actually sign up have been a bit of an issue.  

But here's the really cool bit; a gentleman from the Spartan Race team has passed along something I had to share with you guys.  GovX and Spartan Race partnered up to get Military and First responders big discounts on registration. Go to  and enter the code: BOP2778602 and you'll get a free race.  Has to be used in 2013-2014for an open heat.  Simple as that.  

If you're a couch potato, or a fitness enthusiast, doesn't really matter, suggest you give it a tryI've even heard of a little 77 year old grandma completing a race.  If you're up for getting your ass kicked, and kicking a little in the process, If you're up for some mud, and scrapes and abrasions you can laugh about later this is for you.  

See you there.  

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chris Muir said...

Tryin' to get myself into better shape,Sir!