Monday, July 17, 2017

10 Years After War

Oh my friends. 10 years gone now,
Burned in the bloom of age,
I will carry on your memory, this is my vow,
No matter how it saddens or fills me with rage.

We lived as few will know,
But those left have scars they do not show,
What would you say if you were still here,
I don't know, and I fear.

Now I grow old and grey, 
You would not recognize me any more, 
There's so much we wouldn't need to say,
Between old soldiers that have been to war.

I raise a glass to you fallen friend,
I toast you as you were in distant memory,
No matter what my life's trajectory,
I shall hold onto you. Until the end.


K~ said...

Have you read Siegfried Sassoon's "Memory"?

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