Monday, March 26, 2007

War of the Loose Cannons

It could be called the War of 2nd Platoon. But the Loose Cannon, have always been, well just that. It started when (suposidly) the NCOs planted an MRE bomb (CS) in the Weapons Squad room. It cleared out the whole bottom floor of the COP and left quit an impresson on the top floor too. Well the Joes, mad about this "kidnapped" Sgt T they taped the shit out of him, and he was trapped. The NCOs "negociated" his release, and later "capured" Willie-bo. He got worse treatment than SGT T. So it all came down to a Battle today.

It was a ten minuet "Battle Royalle" in which the Joes and NCOs went at it. Choking, Arm Baring, and otherwise wrestling eachother into submission. I am proud to say that I joined in (after taping it), and despite an arm bar that had my elbow hurting like hell for at least an hour afterward, I ALMOST Got Sgt Sgt (not a typo that's his name abreviated of course) in a rear naked choke. I got him in a rear mount, and I had my arm around his neck but Sgt T got involved. One really wicked arm bar later, and one tap out and the main scuffle was over.

Well after that the PSG and PL got stuck in their room. "Tiger" (ie tiger woods, because he's part black part asian) and I were nearby, he couldn't get the door open from the outside, so he askd if they wanted to kick the door down. i don't know why they said yes, and Tiger said "ok" backed up, and with a running start kicked down the door. I thought it was funny. there was a nice big boom. Turns out the boom we heard was the PL's head. he had a nice little lac(eration) near his right eye, and chipped a tooth. After a few stiches (2, 6-0 nylon) and steri strips there was an admonishment NOT to carry it so far someone got hurt. Still i doubt this is the last we'll hear of this little "war" i hope we "kidnap" someone from 3rd platoon. I'd laugh my ass off if they took 1sg. I LOVE THIS SHIT!!!

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