Sunday, March 25, 2007

Still Kicking

Well folks, I'm still alive and kicking. FOB Rustamiya is nice (all things considdered) and for some reason this whole blogger thing has gone ITALLIAN. I'm going to have to fix that. So what has happened to the great Mad Medic. Ok well not so great but still quite mad. I got to Kuwait on the 10th of Feb, and made my way up to BIAP (Baghdad International Airport) where we waited (and froze) for shithooks to take us to Rusty.

Oh i forgot to tell everyone. seeing as i din't have internet. I'm in 2-16 IN. Ironically enough the "Rangers" this is ironic because I ALWAYS wanted to be a Ranger, and said i wouldn't get out till i was a Ranger. God has a sense of humor to be sure. Well i ended up in 2nd PLatoon (knows internally as "loose cannons") Bravo COmpany. I have to say that the platoon is good at what they do. Minus of course a few. . . idiots. our sector for the most part is pretty nice, but we've been looking for a fight, that so far besides a few kids throwing rocks, hasn't come. Still it's kind of fun to chase down those kids and threaten to arrest their whole family. Sounds bad. But hey you gt pretty sick of getting bricks chucked at you.

Sanitation. . . in this town in certain places is almost non existant. cespools full of god knows what manner of crap are everywhere trash piled in giant mounds, and goats eating the trash. It really disgusts me. But what can you do.

Good news i got to talk to Lisa. GOD I MISSED HER!!! even the occasional letters couldn't compare with actually talking to her!!! Of course she was shopping so i take it she was reallly distracted and my dumbass just babbled on about how nasty it looked here. I think she was getting a little annoyed. after all after nine weeks of bullshit the last thing a woman would want to hear is how much her boyfirend's life sucks. So i guess i had it comming to me. still it was good to talk to her.

On my next trip in i promise i'll try to get more elaborate with my description of what's going on but for righ now i need a shower.

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