Saturday, April 21, 2007

Home Front

Wars ar not won only on the battlefield. It is clear that in WWII the tides began to really turn when the homefronts of the various axis powers came under attack (also when they WAY overextended themselves) Soldiers have always looked longingly bad "home" dreaming up some paradice they left. often the reality of home is not what they left.

What is sad is that in unconventional wars or wars where the home front is in absolutly NO danger, the war and by implication the warriors are often forgotten. sadly this war has prodiced the same result. There is a subtle want to demonize soldiers, or cannonize them. both are subtly ploys to make the war seem untennable. reality is that it is going to be as the president said a long hard struggle.

Soldiers are not heroes, or at least they'd deny it if asked. Heroes are the dead ones they'll say. yet the sacrafices made are real. Because a soldier returns with all limbs intact and no physical scars does not mean they did not sacrafice. even the lowliest POG sacrafices for their country. They sacrafice time. Hope. Dreams. They sacrafice girlfirends and loved ones. so are we heroes. maybe. But every hero has a price to pay. Not all Heroes are brave Ahceles or Might Hector. Many are just Joe, or Sally.

Back home we are seen many ways. out here getting extended is much the same as hearing "zero, zero, zero" on the Pt test after you've done 30 pushups. so what do we need? Stay stron at home. support us. Love us. Care for us. and when we return forgive us.

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