Thursday, November 8, 2007

I guess I DO still have a gag reflex.

Endoscopy. Baisically shoving a camera down a person's throat to see what they can see. Now I was told in the CSH that they'd probably do this in Germany. That was a whole MONTH ago!!! Not that I'm at all bitter about the treatment I recieved at the hands of the army. Or the past MONTH, of nearly unmitigated HELL!

So first they won't let me start until i call my unit. So i call someone and let them know what's up, then they put the IV in. Now i only vaugly remember the surgery I had at Scrips Childrens hospital, but I do remeber they numbed me up before sinking the IV. So to, did they do that here. I din't feel a thing, and when i saw the blue cathiter I laughed. "Sink a 14" I said "22 isn't manly enough" the nurses all had a laugh. They weeel me down, don't ask me why. Then I warn them I come up heaving, so on goes that most joyous of drugs phenagrin. Ahhhhh. then of course while I'm cracking jokes the vancamiacin goes. Next thing I know I'm waking up somewhere else. Ahhh vanc.

After that an MRI, which I find out later is all clear. I have no idea what all this means because right now the Vanc still has me all messed up, and it hurts to swallow. But good news is, (hopefully) I'll be heading back to war, and maybe just maybe i'll be able to put the whole month of october behind me.

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Anonymous said...

I had an endoscopy in Dec, and had a show the next day...arg my throat! Anyway, I hope you are feeling better, we didn't talk about your physical health last time we talked.