Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Blah Christmas

I will say going to topika on the 24th was good. I mean i hadn't been out in god knows how long. Its strange but the doctor i saw, well let's just say i wish i'd seen him three months ago. I won't name any names because i'm sure my original GI doc wouldn't like it, but lets face it i got less face time than than the dude in a porno. Brittany, Searle's wife, took me, and to repay her we went to the mall. I didn't think it would end up being an all day event but it did, and I'm not sorry it was.

To tell thr truth simply going to a (decent) mall and seeing the throng of humanity was great for me. It was nice to see that yes, in fact people still exist OUTSIDE the army, and yes, said people do have lives. I got to hear all manner of issues from the feminine view point, which is interesting. I think the whole shoe/purse issue is quit frankly halarious. The important part is that a friend and i had a good time browsing the mall. the sad part is this was the highlight of my month.

But christmas day. . . Blah is all i could say to it. it started off with the need to NOT get out of bed. The highlight was going to Anja's house for turkey, but then after that the million odd kids going crazy trying to get my attention really put a damper on the whole thing. To be hones it was enough to make a guy want to get the big V.

I pretty much spent the day texting and calling everyone to wish them a merry christmas but i really didn't feel the christmas cheer. Say what you will but this year just didn't feel like christmas. I wanted to go home, but of course that was too much for rear D made my life miserable and i finally just gave up. I want to go home. . . sort of. Well truth be told i don't know if i do or not. I do need to reconnect with the people that are important to me, but i'm not ready to do that.

I can only imagine what great introspection will occur in the comming days but i bet it will be interesting.

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