Thursday, August 21, 2008

anticipation is a killer

Jessi is headed down. I gotta say the 14 hour (+/-) drive was totally worth it, when I went up there. Now *amazingly* she is returning the favor. She's driving to see me down here in JC/Manhattan/Ft Riley (or what ever other area we happen to be in). Now I'm just waiting on her. I'm starting to understand her frustration with my poor navigation skills. In my particular case I got the directions before hand, and *sadly* Map Quest didn't help, and often confused the hell out of me.

Now, Jessi just so happens to have this wonderful device called a GPS unit. So even though there are some points that are probably a *little* confusing, chances are that she won't get lost, and lets face it, coming to Ft. Riley is so much easier. You pretty much stay on 70, and get off at the appointed time. Marshfeild, not so much, lots of back roads.

I have a little surprise planned, but I'm going to wait till she gets to Topeka before I actually get it set up. I hope she likes it. I'm not going to mention it here, cuz I'm trying not to jinx it, but I'm pretty sure mom dragging me to all those crappy chick flicks will actually come in handy (God help me). Well I'm defiantly pacing right now. I'm not sure what to think about it. Alright I'm going to stop driving myself nuts and head out.

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