Monday, August 11, 2008

Whatta weekend!!!

I honestly don't know where to begin. Talking about this weekend there's a lot to be said. I went to see Jessi. Now for those that are not in the know, Jessi is my Girlfriend, who happens to live in Wisconsin. Just think about this for a second. She lives almost in the exact center of Wisconsin, and I'm on the slightly on the north eastern side of Kansas. In order to get to her I had to travel through four states (not including Kansas), including three I'd never actually been to before (Iowa, Minnesota and of course Wisconsin).

About 700 miles give or take. I figured I had a 4 day weekend, which started off Thursday (much to my surprise) and so I figured Why not. Well I left late Thursday night around 2200, and let me tell you it was a LONG drive. The sun started to rise right about the time I was just short of the Minnesota border, still in Iowa. The day was beautiful. The fog clung to the wheat and grass in certain places making it seem like there was almost a lake.

Long story short I was just about to Marshfield when wouldn't ya know it my battery dies. Well this is about as shitty as it gets because I'm just a little bit lost. Mapquest wasn't entirely clear. Come to find out I actually took the long way around. But once I finally got there she was waiting. As soon as I got out of my car, and hugged her it was PERFECT. The first part of the day was me passing out for a bit until she bugged me a lot and kind of *forced* me to get up. Of course she had to make me eat cheese. Sorry folks I like cheese but not that much.

We went to the WI Vet memorial, had frozen custard, and generally a good time. She showed me around the camp sights she used to go to, and aside from the bugs which were out for blood, it was pretty cool. Unfortunately Friday night was a pretty quiet one, I kinda crashed hard. Saturday was even better. She showed me the place where she learned to ski (I'd call it one long bunny run, but then I'm spoiled. Mammoth this ain't). Then we sat on the tub hill just talking and eventually i started pointing out cloud shapes. Well I saw them, but i guess she didn't. Its all good.

Anywho that night, was the obligatory "meet the friends". She had to take pictures. Those "cute" pictures. Personally Cute is scary. Somehow a dog that looks like it had it's face melted off and looks miserable at being forced to wear prissy clothes, is somehow "cute". And anytime a woman starts talking about "Cute" it means some guy somewhere is going to have to suffer some sort of minor indignity. see for yourself:

Of course there is the "pose or I'll hit you"

the ever Popular "Stop trying to hide from the camera"

and finally the picture that'll no doubt be on Myspace and is already on Facebook.

I'll admit that I did enjoy (perhaps too much) some alcohol. I enjoyed some good food, and thankfully there weren't any ass making of self moments. I don't think so anyway. But folks were defiantly popping eye balls at my choice of alcohol (4 shots of jack obligatory for the 4 soldiers I lost) one Irish Car Bomb and a buttery nipple (thanks for introducing me to that Katie). I don't think I'm an alcoholic, but in a place that apparently doesn't do anything but drink and eat cheese this was a lot.

Well after that we rented a movie and went back to her place where we talked for a long time, and eventually we both settled on the futon, I actually stayed up to watch the movie (Bucket List) and i went to sleep in the wee hours (not exactly smart). I was tough to get up, but Jessi ever the smart one found a way (waking a guy up with a kiss with nothing but a towel on is sure a way to make a guy sit up and take notice)

I had a Sunday morning breakfast with her mom and we seemed to get along fine, after which Jessi went to church and I headed home. well started to. I got some bad directions and ended up REALLY lost on the back roads trying to get to I-90 I ended up on I-94 which took me more than 100 miles north of where I should have been, adding at least an hour and a half maybe more to my journey. I finally got back at 2300, but it was a close thing. Road hypnosis, a type of fatigue that strikes people on long road trips had started to set in and I was hurting. I know the last 20 miles i was speeding (well i was speeding the whole way, but I was really going then) I just pulled in to the parking lot, went to my room and crashed like the Hindenburg. All in all Hell of a weekend

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"anytime a woman starts talking about "Cute" it means some guy somewhere is going to have to suffer some sort of minor indignity."