Saturday, October 25, 2008


Jessi said when she "officially" ended things that the only way I'd ever get back together with her would be if i went to church with her. She leaves for Ecuador on the 1st, but essentially my window to see her is this weekend and this weekend only. I am debating it. I have a nasty half cocked habit. I will do things, or consider things that are TOTALLY insane. Driving 14 hours, just to go to her church, then turn right around and drive another 14 hours, well everyone would tell me strait away that its insane.

So what Do I do? Option C: Call her. It's actually pure luck that I had anything in my phone with her number on it. I talked to her for a while. My phone shut down three times. She cried. A lot. Her life is just as crappy right now as mine. Her mom is getting married, her dad is a deadbeat, and she is really freaked out about Ecuador. The really sad part is that my over reaction came at the worst possible time. So it seems in this time I come off as more than a jack ass.

So what happens now do I simply walk away? or do I try to mend things?

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