Sunday, November 2, 2008

In a Weird Place.

Among other things in the past week I've had a sleep study, and an MRI on my L knee. It was kind of a pain in the ass. There are a lot of people that have been working together to figure out just whats wrong with me. Well apparently there are a lot of people that know something based on the results but what that all means no one thus far has told me. Medically speaking I think I'm going to be ok. BUT that doesn't mean I'm entirely ready to go back to duty. But what can you expect.

Last night I went to Chuck White's (Second) wedding. I will be fair, and say it was a good ceremony, however there wasn't that many people there, and Chuck's uniform was a bit off. Aside from the unit awards, his MEDCOM patch was crooked. During the ceremony he was crying, something which was a bit odd. Not a tear at Harelson's funeral, but her he was practically balling. I'm not going to dog him too much. Unfortunately, something went wrong with my camera, and I couldn't take any pictures. Afterwards I went to the reception. I'll be honest, Herman's wedding was a little more impressive. But I had a fair amount of fun.

I mad the tough decision to try to mend a fence with Jessi. It didn't go well. She cried. A lot! I don't understand how I always end up feeling like the bastard. Anyway Here I sit awaiting on orders, personal life, or lack there of in Shambles. But what the hell could be worse right?

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