Monday, September 6, 2010

Money Woes

I sometimes wish that I were President Obama. I mean i can give people the finger and spend their hard earned money while the tofu eaters just gobble up the insane policies I spit forth. I mean its AWESOME! ok if you can't tell that that is a sarcastic statement, you might need to get your head checked.

It might be hard to believe that I, a college student could disagree with our Dear and Fluffy Leader. but I am not your average College student. I passed two women that were heckling the College Republicans booth across from the Mountain Lair. The things they were saying seemed to come right out of a political speech "we had 8 years of Bush. . . " or "Why can't we have a black guy?" Ok so Bush wasn't the greatest. I think he was far better than a lot of other Presidents, but that, ultimately will be for history to decide. He was far better than Carter, and without a doubt I trusted him more than Clinton. Now I hear these women say things like "thanks for saving me, my family is all like that republican. I mean my mom is a real Jesus freak. . . " it kinda went on from there. What bothers me, well and truly bothers me is that most of those D's out there truly feel they are better than the R's. why? because they Believe in God? or hold on to traditions that have kept us (more or less) together as a county for almost 300 years?

So here I sit, not able to pay bills, waiting on the GI bill to pay up, sweating bullets , hoping they really don't wait three freaking months again. I'm avoiding social occasions with my brothers so i don't spend money. It really blows, and I hear the PotUS talk about spending MORE we simply DON'T HAVE. I mean if I were to do that, they'd haul my happy ass off to Jail. Why is it ok for a country to do it. Its like a massive ponzi scheme. I'm kinda left wondering who will be stuck with the check. I know i damn sure cant pay it.

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