Monday, September 13, 2010

Meet the Greeks.

Bill LeHait (right) and myself in front of our booth.

Today we held an event where the entire Greek Community of WVU turned out to help recruit for Rush which begins on the week of the 20th. Its the same event that got me interested in the KA in the first place. I met Aaron right at the end and the rest is history. It can be fun but it is pretty well mandatory.

Honestly I think that it was more for the Sororities. The biggest problem is Pan-Hellenic has some UBER GAY rules. Whereas the Fraternities are the ones that must recruit Rush and induct new members the girls are all brought to the sororities. You actually have to pay TO rush. They take you around to all the houses, and its all really. . . retarded. All the girls were wearing the same shirts, which made NO freaking sense. DG and Chi-O don NOT get along, as an example. The girls don't "Rush" its "recruitment" and they are not "Pledge(s)" they are some other word. Even the pledging process is not designed to teach or weed out. So IFC (Intra-Fraternity Council) doesn't have NEAR as many rules, thank God, but still.

We made a few contacts I talked to a few people. Ian pissed me off real bad when he interrupted me when I was with a potential. I can not begin to say how annoying it was. And he simply restated everything I just said. Kind of annoying. He needs to learn when not to step in. But overall I saw a few kids that I'm pretty sure will pledge. I'm glad to see that. Can't wait for Pledging to begin. Hopefully it'll make the insanity of this Sallie Mae bullshit fade away.

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