Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fuck 2011!

I would have to say if ever there a year that was utterly shit, It would be 2011. I mean I thought my 13 months in the WTB were bad, but this year takes the but fuck cake. How you say? Well let me start off with January:

So first week of school, I was staying at the House (I loved living in the KA House) and got wicked sick. It was not good. Missed the first week of school. THEN my father died. That threw my semester out the window. You could understand the depression that followed. Then the chapter lost its charter. The one bright side of January to May, was that Osama died. And Fuck him very much.

So then I was living in the KA basement for almost a month. Believe me when I say that sucked ass. Homelessness is a bitch. So then I get the pipeline job in NY, and fuckers fire me after 7 days. Which royally fucked up my financial plan and made me feel even worse. The girlfriend at the time was not helping matters much. She wanted all my attention, and to tell the truth she was getting beyond unhelpful. Yeah drama is like a magnet to me.

So now I've got a job at walmart. It sucks ass and the pay is a bitch. I've been behind on my bills despite earning more than ever. It really doesn't make sense, but what can you do? Thankfully I've been working out at the Rec, and I've actually lost a lot of weight. That's probably the reason I haven't offed myself sooner. This year has been fucking insane.

Oh did I mention Helen got married? Wonder-fucking-FULL!!! She's so happy I could gag. So to the fairer sex all I've got to say, is really you suck.

So now I've got to pay through the nose to try to get registered. It is something I might talk about later. But for right now. FUCK 2011!!!

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