Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I have PTSD. I am still your guardian.

There was a pretty good Article over at the Rino Den, called "I have PTSD. . . So What".  It's actually a pretty good read.  But here's the bottom line.  In our country there is an irrational fear of our Veterans.  maybe it is only in a small subset of our society but it is very real nonetheless.  Take a recent incident where a Vet calls a suicide hotline.  SWAT breaks down his door.  TAH did a pretty good piece on it, but this isn't the first time.  Pima county Sheriffs did one of the sloppiest Door Charges ever and killed a Former Marine.  Why did they fire over 100 rounds into him?   Weed.  And they knew he was a Marine. 

I have, and struggle with my own form of PTSD.  It helps to work out to have a goal to drive towards.  It helps that I know that I'm not alone.  It helps to know that I am still the guardian of these people around me, even if in a much reduced capacity.  This is how I get through.  It isn't easy.  There are days where I (still) wish I had never made it out of Rustamayah.  I still can't listen to "Sweet Home Alabama" without crying my eyes out.  But I am not, repeat NOT going to go on a rampage.

Do hippies and the like make me so angry I want do cause *ahem* "grievous bodily injury".  Oh you bet.  I'd even piss on their corps afterward. . . in my fantasy.  I will never actually act on that.  Why?  Because despite the fact that I find their form of humanity the most despicable form, and that their words are the most insanely offensive. . . I get a kick out of reminding them that if they were in the countries they purport to love so much they'd have been hung disemboweled stoned then shot.  But I also know its a small victory (that they are totally ignorant of) that they can say these things without fear.  In the end I realize that despite the truly terrible things they say about me and mine. . . I'M BETTER THAN THEY ARE

PTSD is not a death sentance.  Its not even really that bad for most of us.  Sure we sit with our backs to the door, and understand that saftey is an illusion, but at the end of the day we are still strong.  We are wise.  We are the best America has, and it will remain that way.  I encourage you to look around your work place.  Find the one that is the most dependable man or woman on your staff.  How much you want to bet they're a Veteran, or in a family of Veterans?  I have said it before, and I will say it again.  The only way to combat this stereotype is to stand up and Speak up.

EGO Sum usquequaque a Miles militis

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