Saturday, August 11, 2012

In Hollywood If You're not a Secret Squirrel, a Marine, or you must not have served

So I watched the trailer for the new Red Dawn (2012) and I'm thinking Awesome, Sweet, Radical, what have you.  Then one small bit stuck out in my mind when I watched it again. 

"You're in the Air Force right?"
"The Marines" 

Of course he's all tatted up with prerequisite USMC, and wears a Marines shirt in a later clip.  Ok got it.  He's a Marine.  That's about the point I exclaimed a loud proud WHAT THE FUCK!?!  In the original Red Dawn, Jeb Eckhard was working in a garage.  He is not instantly Special Forces.  It appears that this movie is going to take HS Boys strait to Spec Ops.  All cuz one of them is a Marine. 

But really it wasn't just Red Dawn.  Battle LA, could have easily have been in Miami with the 82nd responding, or hey how about we don't freaking kill all the NG troopers the second they show up.  Matter of fact why is it always the Marines saving the day?  You don't think 11th ACR wouldn't have hauled ass out of NTC to reinforce 1st MarDiv, and 40th ID?  Matter of fact why is the only dude from the Army that has any lines a fat ass?

If you want to lend credibility to any character, oh well they were in the Marines or a SEALs.  Fringe, Broyles and Olivia both former Marines.  SWAT, a SEAL and Force Recon.  Magnum PI, SEALs.  Quantum Leap, SEAL.  Dead Presidents, Force Recon.  NCIS, JAG, Hawaii 5-0.  Really at this point its getting annoying to list them all.  I mean at some point I'm sure the Army did something somewhere.  Hell even John Wayne, my childhood hero only did two movies where he was in the *modern* army (I don't count when he was a Cav trooper because that is clearly a "Western") The Green Berets and the Longest Day.  Clint Eastwood did a movie as a Marine that was based on what RANGERS did.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

If I talk about WWI with any of my contemporaries, the only thing anyone seems to care about is that's where they got their nickname Devil Dogs.  Is it any wonder that the Army steadfastly refused to have literally any Marine involvement in Operation Overlord?  I'm not going to argue that they have some great commercials, and a lot of them are some hard mother fuckers, but what the hell is the Army, chopped liver? 

The only movie I've seen recently that featured the Army was Hurt Locker, and that bag of Mental Midgetry made the entire Army like pussies (WTF Bigillow, having the Big Red One troopers huddling like little bitches from an IED did NOT WIN POINTS WITH ME) or world class fuck ups (the entire EOD team?).  Platoon, Apocalypse Now, Redacted. . . the list goes on.  Why does Hollywood think the Army doesn't do anything but fuck up?

There are a few redeeming movies, We Were Soldiers, Blackhawk Down, Memorial day.  But for the most part I kind of feel like Hollywood just hates the Army.  The worst part is Marines eats this shit up.  I believe in giving credit where credit is due, but come on, dude you guys are already insufferable when you start talking about your history, can't we Soldiers get a little love too? 


Cpl. Jinx said...

Let this former Marine be the first then to tell you I appreciate the Army, ALL medics/corpsmen and all of your personal loyalty and sacrifice Doc! Thanks for sharing your experiences. Your insights will, hopefully, serve to make me more caring once I complete my education and begin serving those who served as a VA clinician. God bless!

Unknown said...

Usu. when they 'feature' us Marines, they get us wrong. They, Hollywood, really don't comprehend the differences between us so when I see my Corps goat-humped on film I just wish they HAD have made the characters soldiers.