Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's so insane it's actually funny.

 Let's have an honest and open discussion about the Department of Veterans Affairs.  As it is functioning right now, the term "broken" seems too light an adjective to actually describe the dysfunction.  In one of the strangest things I've ever done on this blog, I'll sit back and let someone who is from a totally opposed ideological spectrum make the case for me. 

You see my point?  Jon Stewart did a better job of showing just how insane the VA is right now, than I ever could.  It's a real shame too because I had so many smart ass remarks to say.

Look I wasn't asking for more than 40%.  What I got disability for I think are actual legitimate things I got from two combat deployments.  I've had a 200 pound door slammed on my foot, drooped from heights above 12 feet with up to 80 pounds of extra gear on, and run full tilt with same. I have also be exposed to extremely loud noises, which has caused an intermittent ringing in my ears.  The knee and back pain I really don't need to explain, but getting denied for PTSD? 

The system needs to get fixed.  More money isn't going to solve the problem, this is a bureaucracy that needs to lose a LOT of fat. 

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