Sunday, June 14, 2015

Dear Navy, Air Force, and Marines

WE CAME FIRST!!!  Seriously, the US Army was here first, and you can argue all you want that the Navy, and Marine Corps did there parts in later wars, there would not be an America if the US Army hadn't done so well, despite being nothing more than a bunch of country bumpkins, when facing the most powerful military in the world (at the time).

Really, let's take a moment on this, the 240th birthday of the United States Army to give props where props are due.  Who fought in all major theaters of WWII, and conducted a majority of amphibious assaults?  That's right the Army.  I get it, the Marines have a right to be proud of what you've done.  No one will deny you have that right, but guys, seriously?  You act like you were the only ones in WWI, the Pacific, Chosin, Hue, and the drive into Baghdad.  That's getting a little annoying.  Actually we'd love hit you upside with an arty tube once you get going.  It's not personal, but you guys had got to knock off the "we're the only ones fighting" crap.  Even in your most notable battles the Army was near by or supporting you.

And yes, the Navy.  Love you guys.  But lately you've lacked that luster.  The sheer brilliance that you once claimed, has lost its shine.  I understand.  Budget cuts suck.  Lately you've been trying to replace your old ships, and get shiny new toys.  I truly understand the desire.  I also understand that you've been setting unrealistic standards.  You've got people getting fired for minor things.  Corrective training is a good thing.  Accidents are going to happen.  stop treating accidents as if someone peed on the admiral's dog, and start treating them as teachable moments.  Like I said, I love you guys.  Even if you can be insufferable at times.

Air Force. . . oh where do I even begin.  First off. . . GUYS.  MILITARY BARING.  I hate to say it this way but damn.  Hearing junior enlisted personnel refer to light colonels on a first name basis… really?  Your job is to blast the enemy out of the sky, shut down their electronics, and blow the ever loving hell out of their stuff with a wide assortment of bombs.  Can you at least act like your job in the military is part of that end?  While we're on the subject of blowing shit up, what gives with the A-10?  I get that you, like the Navy want new toys, but have you ever serious stopped and asked why so many people are rallying to keep the A-10?  Want to retire the B-1?  You'll probably not hear a peep.  Maybe you ought to ask why this airframe has so much popularity.

To my fellow Soldiers, sit back, drink some beer, and raise a toast.  Past Present and Future, we can be proud of our Army.  We've put our blood sweat and tears into making our organization top shelf.  You can deploy the Army to disasters, wars, construction sites, hell I'm sure there's a few missions the brass hasn't even thought up and I'm sure you'll be good at it.  Take a moment of pride and enjoy that.


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