Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rough times, and how to insert foot in mouth.

First Mad Jack breaks his hand. Then Delta Phil breaks his too. He's already gone down to Qatar to get the orthoscopic surgery, and from there to heal on ConLeave. So we are slightly sucking on people. Not to worry, the Loose Cannanons always pull through. But somehow for the time being we don't see whole. It seems almost as if we are missing some vital component. Add to this the stand down, and you have a platoon that hasn't done too much in almost 2 weeks. a sad state of affairs if ever i saw them.

And Then there's Lisa. Cassy was telling the truth. I just didn't want to belive her. it took the gentle words of my mother to tell me that she'd moved on. what i had begun to accept became painfully clear, and in a way liberating. It's sad she has no foresight, but then few people do. If I manage to survive Iraq, it's clear i am going on to do great things. so screw her. But women will be women

I also got that not so rare foot in mouth disease. A few things said to the wrong people at the wrong time and voila. The Pa heard me, tired, and exasperated tell a pt he had to wait for the doc to get up. oh well. i got a little reaming but hey that's life.

I'm still driving on the most dangerous roads in Iraq. I'm still having a hell of a time, and despite the heat i'm still having fun. So yea life is good. i doubt being single (again!!!) is going to cause me too much heartache. Rose Palms never left me and i Doubt i'll be single for long. but hey what do i know. I lost one of my two readers haha

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Anonymous said...

the sad thing is you never reall lost one of your readers! but i wish that i could have been there more for you. im sorry if i ever hurt you. thats not what i meant to do. oh and cassie is in love with you thats why she was talking shit so i hope you will be happy with her.
oh and when i said i loved you it was true, but like i said i would i have sent you a letter and pics of me but if you dont want them thats up to you. i had already sent them before i had read this.