Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Remember and look foward.

D-Day happened some 63 years ago. My regament granered it's nickname, and one of the most truly climactic battles of the 20th century began. It is important to remember days such as these. but is is also important to know what it means. simply looking sad and being like "oh that sucked" won't do it. to truly honor those that died you must bare true faith and allegance to the same principles they fought and died for. freedom. Not just the bill of rights freedoms, but ALL freedoms, even freedom of thought (see Nazi brainwashing). It is also important to note that the "war" that america is embroiled in now is nowhere near the intensity of WWII and thus not as climactic.

Here i sit in Baghdad no fog, not even a drop of rain, and really nothing similar to that fateful June day except for one thing. 16th Infantry Regament is still fighting and dying for the freedoms of others. the talk is different, the pinups are different, and even the tactics and weapons are different, but if we took soldiers off the boats as they headed into Normandy, doubtless they would be remarkably similar to the soldiers to todays soldiers.

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