Saturday, August 11, 2007

POGs Just don't get it

Far be it for me to say that Things should be a certain way. I mean after all these high strung dolts like their world to be full of shouting and screaming. I am just so pissed that they have this feeling of "us and them" which they make worse EVERY TIME THEY SPEAK!!! You rip a guys ass that has been up since 0400 about not shaving? what kind of shit is that? the dude JUST got out of sector. So yea. that was all assed up.

Second, when you got a trauma, CALM THE FUCK DOWN. Getting all hot headed and trying to do everything like speedy gonzalez just ain't going to work. You have to manage the stress and adrenalin. My vaunted PA is such that he is so high strung in normal situations, in a trauma, if he weren't a PA and my boss. . . i would have told HIM to step aside, as it was he IS my boss and he told ME to step aside. It's enought to make a medic throw up his hands and say "screw you guys i'm going home"

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