Thursday, November 20, 2008

Giving Thanks.

You all know the name of the game. Twice a year we get together as a family and give thanks. It's funny how Thanksgiving seems to be the warm up for Christmas, but lets face it one holiday to remind you not to be a stick in the mud doesn't seem to be enough. So all throughout America people are getting together in a celebration that very few people truly understand. We gather around a table bicker and banter while eating foods that are traditional (Turkey, Yams, Corn Bread, cranberry jello or whatever it is, and a bunch of stuffing that just came from the trukey's asshole).

When all is said and done, there are lost of stories to be told on thanksgiving. Many are of joy, some are of terror, and some involve large amounts of stomach discomfort, and peptobismal. What is not told is that the Pilgrams, were near death on plymoth Rock. Starving, and hundreds of miles north of where they were supposed to land (Virginia, Ironically named for the "Virgin" Queen, Elizabeth who was rumored to be anything but) Until the natives taught them how yo live off the land.

Strange as it may sound in this day in age, it was faith, and perhaps faith alone, that kept the Pilgrams from completly devolving into a mass of paniced individuals, that would ultimatly have perished due to inability to function. But anyone who has lived through a massachusets winter will tell you it's no small feat. We forget that this feast was all about getting together and being thankful for what you have and not bitching about what is wrong with your life. So take time, over eating turkey and such to remember what it's all about

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