Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Funny thing about the SCOTUS

Every Liberal loves the Supreme Court.  They seemed to "discover" rights all the time, from the right to Abortion, to the "right" to be informed that you can have a lawyer before being questioned.  People on the Left just love the supreme court.  That is until the SCOTUS does something like declare their Hallmark legislation Unconstitutional.  It happened in the 30's when the SCOTUS declared the New Deal Unconstitutional, and struck down a majority of the programs therein.  FDR was infuriated and wanted to push through a bill that would allow him to "stack" the court and add more Justices.  The Irony is that most of the programs struck down didn't really work anyway. 

Now we see this again.   President Obama is quite upset that the one piece of legislation that he almost literally spent ever bit of political capitol pushing through (that ironically caused a Republican resurgence and the Tea Party)  It was so big, and there were so many addendums to get enough votes to sign off on it, that it had people hopping mad.  Never mind that The Democrats had a super Majority that they could use to literally pass anything they wanted.  There is literally so much in there that we're still not completely sure how the damn thing is going to work.  Interestingly enough the individual mandate which requires each individual to buy health insurance (at a greater cost than the penalty for not having insurance) was not a clause that was made separate.  In essence because of some bad wording on a 2600 page document if one part of it is found to be unconstitutional the whole thing goes out the window.  They've already had two judges throw it out, and two judges keep it in lower court. 

So here we are the one lasting legacy that Obama might leave is quite potentially going to be struck down with 5 people's opinion.  That's all it will take.  5 People in the whole of the United States to say that the Government can't force you to buy healthcare.  Even if this one clause is not struck down we will likely see challenges both legislative and Legal for decades to come.  So when the Central piece of legislation came before the SCOTUS the POTUS had some harsh words for them. 

Well this had a lower court seriously asking just what the hell the President meant.  It is usual for there to be a struggle between the various branches but to use the same language as the President did you'd think is was a clear waring that if they struck down this law he would retaliate, which he can't do.  Well a lower court in Texas wanted some clarification on this because they felt this was disturbing and for the past week there has been some back and forth between the President, the DOJ and this lower court.

I can not help but sit back and laugh at it all.  Conservatives have for years bemoaned the courts decisions, especially on things like Miranda, and Roe V Wade, but other cases as well, for years they have moaned about their best laid plans being trounced by a minority of "Activist Judging" which they have proved time and again, and Liberals have gleefully stated that the laws were on their side.  But when it happens to a Liberal, its not so funny is it.  No I get hours of entertainment from this farce, and I think it is justly deserved.

Just remember Oh ye Liberals, that turn about is fair play.  If you hammer and hammer someone don't be surprised when you get blindsided by something you weren't expecting.    

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