Saturday, April 14, 2012

What happened to the John Waynes?

"a Man's gotta do what a Man's gotta do." This simplistic saying has about all you need to know about what just a few short generations ago it meant to be a man. Now we have Boys taking hormones to delay the onset of puberty so they can stay girlish and teenagers barely old enough to know what the hell to actually do with what's between their legs, ready to chop off what God gave them and attempt to have a surgeon radically alter their entire body. Those that "choose" to remain male act less and less like Men and more like little boys that discovered playing with their pee pee feels good.

The Gentleman is a dying breed.  You do not need to be of High Station or breeding to be a Gentleman, it is a mindset not a class as we have been told.  We have been told to abhor those that act thus because they were all snobbish, and thus have been encouraged to exhibit boorish behavior.  Thus we have forgotten as men that our conquests are not lusty trophies that one simply discards for another trophy, but rather the thrill of victory over one's own doubts or the adversity that afflicts us. 

Men can not be Men alone, though when the time comes a Man will act alone and with certainty.  We are inspired to rise above our petty or brutish nature by the Lady, which sadly is also a dying breed.  Gone are the women who through grace and charm would captivate men and enthrall them.  Gone are the Subtle hints of sensuality, traded for a cheap mockery, of sexuality that makes one feel vulgar just being in its presence.  Women no longer seek for men to earn their favor, rather they deign to enslave their men through crude combinations of barely disguised Sexual ques, and a superiority that they are somehow doing men a favor. 

It is difficult to tell anymore though who is exploiting who.  The boys are lead around by the short hairs and the girls are not given options in what they can wear, they must dress and even act a certain way making them all interchangeable and forgettable.  In this Brave New World Beauty is a weapon, that is used by both sides, and both are bombarded with so many sexual ques its a wonder we have any time for civility.  Boys are encouraged to dip into their darker and animistic side, while girls dip into their darker side with cunning and scheming.  The boys struggle and fight to prove their sexual prowess and when they receive the conquest there is no real thrill of victory only a short lived pleasure which will as needs must lose its thrill.  They are left to wonder where the exaltation they were expecting would come, and as they discard one disposable girl for another, often being used as pawns as much at they are using the girls, they are left only with bitter drama and an empty feeling that even the eventual children can not fill. 

At this point it really doesn't matter who started it.  Were the Women really Liberated, or were the Men pulling the strings?  Did the men lose their power, or did the Women just realize theirs.  It really doesn't matter.  What is left is a legacy of selfish children who know only how their genitals work and nothing about what their sex really means.  What does it mean to be a Man?  What does it mean to be a Woman?  Only when these sad pathetic creatures are too set in their ways and their vices are they left to wonder why it is this way?  They forgot the pure and utter Joy they can bring each other. 

This cycle of vanity and vulgar pleasure seeking will not end until a generation is shocked to its core.  Each thrill they seek will become more and more extreme until some invisible line is crossed and we are left with a truly shocking moment when we realize how far we've fallen.  Our pleasures once easy to grasp at our finger tips, at the end of our dicks vaginas or assorted sex toys will come ever more from sources and methods once thought obscene, until not even the children sired or dammed are safe.   Because we don't know how to be Gentlemen, and our women don't know how to be Ladies. 

There is hope.  There is a way to break the cycle before it becomes irreversible.  Simply put you, must be a parent.  No I don't mean a Sire, but you must actually take the time to nurture your children.  To teach both the boys and the girls what it means to be a Man, What it means to be a Woman.  Girls need fathers, and Boys need mothers, it is a mutual requirement.  If they see you seeking pleasures wherever you can find them they will follow.  What honor have you found in life.  What lessons have your mistakes taught you?  you must hammer these lessons home. 

Ultimately The Cowboys will ride into the sunset.  They do these things alone because they can be confidant in who they are, they do not need anyone to lean on and tell them what to do, they keep their own council.  This is what it means to be a Man.  It is a strength and solidarity we have forgotten, but can claim once again.  A Man's victory is not some cheap thrill, but a woman that is worth fighting for and worth facing the cold and lonely nights for.  Our greatest triumphs are sought after in the name of the Love we hold, not the sex we have.  This will give your life meaning and you will feel truly alive.  If you are able, then embrace what it is to be a Man!


Anonymous said...

Probably one of the best pieces I've ever read.I told my children that if ever I had to ask them to stand up for an adult on public transport,I would be so ashamed of them as I have taught them better than that and would expect them to stand up without being asked.I tell you,it is an uphill battle but can be won.I have seen it in action with young men coming here to mow my yard after surgery,of people waiting until they are married before having sex.etc,Parents need to teach their children correct principles,then they can govern themselves.Fantastic article you wrote there.keep up the good work.

Argent said...

This type of male is not really dying. He never really existed. He was an illusion of movies and books and popular culture. The proper gentleman, the righteous man, the upstanding pillar of the community and example for us all. So what is really happening is that the illusion is being forgotten.

Perhaps you would be surprised how many boys and men of the past were playing pee pees too.

I would urge men to leave the old props, like this ancient title and desire to be like a movie star, behind and focus instead on their conduct. Do the right thing for yourself your family, your friends, community, nation and planet.

I would urge you to find you peace with women. This is at least the forth post where I see your unjustified rancour against women.

The Mad Medic said...

Argent I would have to disagree here. First Yes there will always be idiots and playboys. But the Ideal is something one should always aspire to. Responsibility is something that is forgotten.

As far as my rancor towards women, its not so much rancor more that i feel a great sadness about what "woman" has become. I understand that beauty has a point, I understand that there will always be wild times. But when i see the same girls that are dancing on the bar going home drunk to children, or see a woman blow through three guys in three nights, or see exhibitionists. What I see is something that doesn't make me angry so much as despondent, or despairing. Much like how I felt when I visited a Mall after Iraq. I WANT TO BELIEVE in the "Lady" I want to believe the better qualities of the fairer sex.