Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?

Just recently the UN announced that they would be watching the US election to ensure the minority vote is not "suppressed".  I have to admire the sheer nerve of the United Nations having the arrogant presumption to say that America might "fix" an election.  This coming from the same body that routinely puts dictatorial countries with horrendous human rights records on. . . human rights commissions.  A body so incompetent that when they rally to help bring relief to a disaster area, they introduce cholera to a population that has never had exposure to it, thus killing another 10-20 thousand people.

The United Nations is a joke.  How many resolutions has the UN passed that have done little more that provide humor to the people they are issued to.  Of course should anyone actually take said resolutions seriously and actually act upon them and remove said regimes, they bellow like a wounded elephant crying foul.  I wish I could say that anything I have said is a joke, but really it is not.  As if that weren't bad enough they have actually started planning out treaties to limit arms internal to countries, and there are even plans to ensure that a large tax is levied on richer nations for the purpose of helping out the less fortunate nations. 

I'm not saying that American elections are perfect.  Far from it.  Johnson is often accused of having delivered a lot of dead people's vote to Kennedy, and really who could forget the whole hanging chad fiasco.  But simply put the idea of the UN pawing over the election results of the first country in the modern era to become a Republic. . . if there are words for the emotion this evokes, I do not know what it is.  America has had far more contentious elections than this one.  Indeed compared to some of the elections we have had this one is positively tame.

Go look at the 1824 election.  The "first party" system had collapsed, and there were as many as five candidates.  It came down to John Quincey Adams, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, and William H. Crawford.  Despite wining both the popular and electoral college, Jackson did not get a majority, so it went to the House.  Because Clay was not in the top three he was left off the ballot. . . but as he was Speaker of the House at the time, and positively loathed Jackson. . . it's not really hard to see where this is going.  John Quincey Adams became our sixth president.  He wasn't a bad president either, he actually managed to reduce our debt from 16 million to 5 million (Oh boy is that laughable now!), and developed a lot of infrastructure inside the United States.  Sadly the scandal from his election lead to his being ousted by Andrew Jackson after one term. 

We could also look at the 2000 election.  There had rarely ever been a situation where a state, and a crucial on did not certify its' election.  But again we worked it out.  It did go to the Supreme Court, which acted quickly and ordered  recount that was proper for the time.  Despite what a lot of diehard liberals might call a "stolen" election, Our system's series of steps to ensure that the proper procedures were followed, worked.  I also think most people might agree that Ale Gore was simply not equipped to lead the country in a time of war, and I need to point out here that if Bush were as terrible at being president as the die hards believe, he would not have been reelected. 

Yes our Republic can be messy.  But unlike say France, we didn't go around terrorizing people we don't like, in that case the rich [see 1%] and the clergy following our revolution.  We didn't require massive world wars to become a republic.  Aside from a brief flirtation, America never truly engaged in colonialism.  Unlike say Germany, or Russia, when we invade a country, we give it back freely.  This is the only country in the history of man, that goes to war for the freedom of the very countries we end up fighting. 

The idea that one world government would even work is somewhat laughable at this time.  One needs only to look at the European Union to know that transnationalism simply does not work.  Still, the UN keeps trying to implement it.  The UN tries whenever it can to erode nationalism and national sovereignty.  This is not our first election, or even our first few.  This isn't Iraq.  This isn't say Venezuela which somehow keeps electing the same dictator despite his campaign clearly designed to silence the media.  This isn't Afghanistan, where Karzai keeps winning and is crooked as can be.  This isn't Russia, where Vladimir Putin, somehow keeps in power despite changing titles.  With all due respect, and really I'm not sure much is actually due, who the hell do you think you are? 

Do you think you have anything close to the moral authority to judge America?  You waste so much money its painful.  You have people in positions of power abusing those positions, doing things, which should land them in jail.  The UN has forgotten its place.  It is a forum for people to come and air grievances and attempt to find a resolution.  The UN is not a country, nor should it try to assume the position as such.  It has no power as has been displayed again and again.  So please, sit down, shut up and get the hell out of America's way.


USA ESTA said...
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TMLutas said...

The bit that amuses me the most is that the OSCE did the equivalent of seeking EU credentials to oversee a UK election without bothering to ask for UK credentials.

That's just not the way it's done.

I just went to a training session today to be a poll watcher. If by some miracle the OSCE comes in to Gary 02-04 where I'm going to get credentials, they're going to get tossed out on their asses unless they have credentials. And, funny enough, you can't have credentials unless you are a registered voter of the county you are credentialed in so any OSCE presence in an Indiana precinct is going to be illegal.

Anonymous said...

This blog sucks.