Saturday, July 4, 2015


I wrote a little poem for the 4th of July, and I hope you all like it.


The craziest fireworks I ever did see,
were the ones that were aimed at me.

I was a young man in I-roc,
and let me tell you it was quite a shock,

There were all sorts of colors and sounds,
and I thought "holy shit those are live rounds!"

They came with a terrific fury,
and so bright left my sight blurry.

Orange tracers lept out to meet green,
hoping to silence the enemy unseen.

Rockets whistled and banged,
as we responded with mortars hanged.

Back and forth ranged the fireflies,
as I silently prayed nobody dies.

I worried for the safety of my nice butt,
as the explosions rang in my gut.

It was a long night that was for sure,
and afterwards I felt a little less pure.

see here's the thing I want you to know,
as you celebrate the rocket's red glow.

I don't want you to huff and sigh,
I want you to enjoy the 4th of July.

I might jump at the odd whistle or blast,
but I want you to enjoy those fireworks to the last.

I guess what I'm trying to say,
is happy Independence Day.

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MsMarti said...

Thank you! We did indeed! God Bless you and yours!