Monday, March 12, 2012

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Well it seems as if one grade A asswipe has really cooked our goose in A-stan.  Apparently some Staff Sergeant on a "special Forces base" just walked off and went on a shooting spree.  As many as 19 people are dead.  apparently women and children are the majority of the victims.  Never mind that the Taliban and Al Qaeda does this shit all the time, this was an American that did this and in the process screwed everybody around him in more ways than one. 

How have we been screwed?  Let me count the ways.  Well for starters after some really incompetent fool accidentally threw a couple of Korans in with documents to be burned that some locals saw, it seemed like everybody and their uncle was ready to pop off.  2 SMs were killed for it, and God alone knows how much it set back the mission in terms of good will.  Sadly our response of kissing every ass we could find didn't really make things better as it ought to have.  Things were finally calming down and then this happens.  You can kiss any good will or any positive gains made over the Afghan surge goodbye. 

Another way is that this will no doubt bring up the wave after wave of every psycho-babbling retard talking about PTSD, and how Soldiers are all barely controlled ticking time-bombs.  Lets be honest this will resurrect the "Rambo" myth better than pretty much any other incident.  Every Veteran in America, but most especially the Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan are viewed now as both conversely poor whimpering crying children, much like victims of child abuse, or insane Blood lusting killers that can't wait to go on a rampage.   Take your pick.  This asshole will no doubt claim PTSD, or someone else will, and every SM or Vet will have to suffer a whole new round of this BS. 

Another great way this one asshole has screwed us all is that simply put we are in a propaganda war.  The Global War on Terror, or whatever you want to call it is at its heart a propaganda war.  One which we have refused to fight at all, and thus have failed miserably at.  Every time Some ass clown like PFC Manning or this Sped in Kandahar step up to beclown themselves they are not just harming themselves but the organization as a whole.  All of America in fact.  In this day in age, the Information Age as it were, we rely, or rather depend on the world thinking that we are the Good Guys.  We are, or we try to be, but millions of good deeds are all erased when one just one doorknob humping retard decides to take it upon himself to get back at whoever they feel angry at, we all end up regretting it. 

I could go on a rant for hours, days even, about how this shouldn't be possible.  For one if he walked off a COP at 0300, where the hell were the ECPs.  It makes no sense that A-stan which has been going longer than Iraq, doesn't have a shit ton of T-barriers and razor wire around each and every COP.  For the very obvious reason of if you can walk off the base, someone else can walk in, you want to control every possible entry like your life depends on it (it does).  So if this guy was some kind of ninja, then please explain to me how they didn't see him leaving?  If he was at an SF COP like the reports say they have all sorts of lifty gadgets like FLIR and Night vision Cameras.  Also if he "walked off" the base, that would assume the the villages he hit were within walking distance.  Where was QRF when they heard shooting?

A lot of this doesn't add up, so I'm going to wait till I have all the facts, but if ever an SM were deserving of wall to wall counseling before punishment, it would be this guy.  Sadly it doesn't matter if they throw the book at him.  The Afghans will want him, which we will never allow, because we know he would be lynched before he even had a chance to explain why he did it.  But the Placater in Chief really can only calm the situation down by that methodology.  So really we're screwed.  Kind of amazing to think one ass hat could have made all the sacrifices of the last decade null and void


Anonymous said...

It seems that the Afghan
Guards saw him leave and reported to their supervisor. He walked about a mile to where some Afghans lived. He even walked back after he finished killing people in cold blood. How easy would it be for a Taliban to wear an American uniform and walk on the COP?
He is married with two kids who will now not have their dad around.
They might give him the death penalty in order to placate the locals. I doubt it would ever be carried out.

The Mad Medic said...

Well Harp, there is a lot of Hooplah about killing a prisoner. Personally I think the military should do em all and clear its Death Row.

How easily would it be for Taliban to wear and American uniform and walk onto a COP not easy at all. They'll see you from a ways out (if they're doing their jobs) and they will probably detain or shoot you if you get too close without identifying yourself. Even if you do identify yourself they'll probably detain you just to be on the safe side. No one just walks off. No one. Unless they're up to no good.

Marquita said...

Bowe Bergdahl walked off and left his post nearly 3 years ago and was captured by the Taliban. Very little has been heard from him, but he seems to still be alive.
So, from reading your post, it seems there is a lot of security but some people seem to get by it?