Sunday, April 15, 2012

A look at the Amendments

Well Boys and Girls I've decided to start a little series I'm going to look at all the Amendments to the Constitution I'm going to start of with the exact text of the Amendment followed by my take on it and some of the problems surrounding it.   I'll try to explain most of the view points surrounding them (as I understand them) and lastly what I think about most of those arguments. 

Before I start though a bit of philosophy.  The Government, the Constitution, even the Military do not give you any rights.  Those rights are secured by said documents, which is to say safeguarded.  They are not granted, or ensured by those institutions.  Your Rights are your Rights.  If you're a dumb ass and don't exercise them properly then that is on your head not anyone else.  Having Said that its quite amazing how the wording, and even the punctuation has been taken by Lawyers and judges to twist the whole thing around. 

I will try my best to explain my view points and give examples, but as we've had almost 250 years to debate them eve rather simple things have become clear as mud.  I have decided to do this because I am tired of the ignorant boob that says he "knows his rights" but clearly doesn't have a clue what the hell he's talking about. 

Should be kind of fun kiddos.

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Dale Day said...

Thanks a lot!

Three great posts and looking forward to more.

Have already shared these on the eforum of the Las Vegas Review/Journal. They will drive the lefties wild!!!:)