Monday, May 14, 2012

Milbloggies and the 2012 Milblog Conferance.

For those not in the know I was invited by Rob from the Rhino Den, to go to the Milblog awards, hosted by, and Sponsored by USAA and GM (which was really pushing its military discount).  I got a lot of free stuff, and took away a lot of things that I really hadn't considered.  Now I'm in a bit of an awkward situation because I met some folks that are doing good works and I REALLY want to plug their stuff, but having met Uncle J, and the "sell outs" at youserved, I think to myself: what the hell can I say or do that would make a difference.  Did I forget to mention meeting Col Meghee an actual real live Tuskegee airman, was so freaking awesome I thought my head would explode.  I might have gotten into it with an MSNBC reporter, then while at the Carpool, I meet up with John Lilya from This Ain't Hell and got to use my Medic powers again.  Though all I really did was take vitals, I got a free drink out of it so I must've done something good. 

Also I want to congratulate all the winners from the best blogs of the year.

 Best U.S. Army Blog; The Rhino Den
Best U.S. Military Spouse Blog; **Wife [Widow] of a Wounded Marine**
Best U.S. Military Parent Blog; Semper Fi Parents
Best U.S. Military Supporter Blog; Character Does Matter
Best U.S. Marine Corps Blog; One Marine’s View
Best U.S. Navy Blog; USNI Blog
Best U.S. Coast Guard Blog; Ryan Erickson
Best U.S. Air Force Blog; Aim High Erin
Best U.S. Military Veteran Blog; You Served
Best U.S. Reporter Blog; The Unknown Soldiers

    Kelly and Rob accepting the Best Army Milbog award.

Since I've done some pieces for them and they are in the technical "boss" column I won't show any of the embarrassing poses they took with the award. . . Yet. 

To be clear I am, remain, and will probably always be a nobody in the milblog community.  I can write a good line and occasionally turn a good phrase but as for having actual impact, that I'm not so sure about.  What am I going to write about?  Getting the shaft from the army and Chaptered for PTSD then getting denied a PTSD claim from the VA.  Ok yea, but really thats such a common story who would care or listen.  I hate people that bitch and gripe, and to be honest I'm already at 40%, anymore and I think I really will be a broke dick.  I got up for some of the panelists, asked a few questions, some were good, some were craptastic, but people seemed to respond to what I had to say.  But again what real impact can I have?  As I pointed out in an earlier post Veterans are a rare breed.

Well for one I can tell the people coming in the things they need to know.  Here there was why do I feel the need to plug them?  well as we all know moving your family is hard and when you come on post you don't know the good areas or schools.  Having an at a glance reference is good for families.  There was also the Travis Manion Foundation.  I was absolutely humbled by the story behind the foundation, and the idea that these guys are all about inspiring people.  Its a time in our country we desperately need inspiration, and these guys are really out front trying to give the youth something to aspire to. 

I met so many people got so many business cards that I haven't even really had a chance to go through them all.  Hell I haven't even sorted out all the goodies in the goodie bags that were laid out for us.  So over the next few weeks (cuz I actually have a job I have to do much as I may *at times* loathe it) I'm going to go over them, try to talk to folks about things I feel might become important, maybe, just maybe I might learn some tricks of the trade so I'm more of a trout in a really large lake next time around.  I will be writing about everything I experienced there in the next day or so.  Stay tuned.  Same bat time, same bat channel.   

 Matt Gallagher (left) and Tom Tarantino from IAVA

 Rep. Forbes of the House Armed Services committee came to address us.  I asked him about the draft his answer was simple and strait forward "we can't afford a draft".  

Someone's head got in the way just as I was taking the picture.  drat.

Scott Waugh who Directed Act of Valor.  Gotta tell you meeting this guy, shooting the shit with him, and listening to him talk about filming was AWESOME.   

 Still trying to figure out that red eye.

And now for some sights of DC:
 Amazing how many people wanted to see Mr Lincoln.

I didn't go up.  Crowds aren't my thing.  

 I've always liked the Korean War Memorial there's something even more touching about it now that I've been to combat

 The Washington Monument seen from the "pacific" side of the WWII memorial.

 The Atlantic Side.

 I'll always have a soft spot for medics past present and future.

The Big Red One memorial

Its actually spitting distance away from the White House.  That's the Old Executive building behind it.  

I actually was not prepared for how emotional it was to see this, and to have the spirit of "victory" look down upon me.  I wanted to touch it, but sadly it was blocked off.  Nuts.  

you can just barely make it out but that is a BIG Red One made of flowers.  

 Congress Critter?  No probably a lobbyist he was looking for a handout.

 Off to solve another issue. 

 North Lawn.  Gotta say, up close and personal. . . its actually a lot smaller than I had imagined.

 What day in Washington would be complete without Crazies.   

 Or Occupy.  I was close to loosing my cool on this chick.  Absolutely clueless.

 Actually DU has already gone through one half life, that's why its called "depleted" Believe it or not the DU has a much reduced half life than U-238 (if I remember my chemistry right)

 No more troops. . . riiiiggghhhttt.  No Obama's working on that one.

 You can see a Palestinian Rock in the background.  Cuz they're like so much more peaceful than Israel. 

 Since 1981.  Obviously what you're doing is working.  Keep it up!  ha ha ha ha.

 A pink Stretch Escalade.  I want to say "Only in Washington" but I'm  sure its in NYC SF and LA.

Anywho comments questions concerns?  Leave them, I'm going to crash.


LL said...

Holy crap, the Youserved people are sellouts?? How come no one ever tells me this stuff?

The Mad Medic said...

I am only repeating what Uncle J hath shouted from his throne. Heap big Mojo for me to refute.

LL said...

He's just jealous because B5 didn't win the Milbloggie this year and he only appears on some weird Russian TV thing. :D

Paul said...

Good pics man. Glad to see you there.