Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Most Pointless Protest. . . EVER

In 1971, pretty much as the war was almost over VVAW (Vietnam Veterans Against the War) gathered together to throw their Medals at the Capitol, while inside John Kerry delivered a speech, and gave testimony of atrocities uncovered during the "winter Soldier" Conference.  For most people this was the ultimate display of defiance of a corrupt war that was no longer supported by even the people fighting it.

 Nice 'Stach.  Maybe he spent too long in the field without soap.  yeah I'm sure thats why it looks like he's not using it in this picture. 

Reality, was a bit different.  See in 1970, during the Cambodian Incursion US troops FINALLY stuck at the Ho Chi Mihn trail.  They had finally gone on the offensive and tried to really solve the problem.  Political back lash stopped them short of some key objectives that might have crippled the NVA even more.  Indeed one of the last battled of the Vietnam War, which took place at FSB Ripcord, was the Army trying to Attack.  See, right up until the end of ground combat, we really wanted to WIN, and a lot of the "disillusionment" came from an Administration (Johnson) that neither knew what to do with a military, or how to treat it.  A war for Body Count was doomed to drag us down, and make Vietnam a pointless brawl.  A war to keep Vietnam Free, that would have worked.

Now this scene of Veterans throwing their medals, has a lot of problems to it.  For one, this was entirely a political stunt by the new Left, and as such it was meant to garner as much publicity as possible.  Worse, it was found out after the fact that some of the people that threw medals weren't even Veterans.  Inside, John Kerry was spinning tales of horror that shocked the conscience, that, truly horrified not only the nation but its leaders, and launched his forthcoming Tenure in the Senate.

 Nce Hair.  Douche. 

One tiny little problem.  A majority of it was false.  Not only never happened but made up.  It was found (much much later and with much investigation) that some of the most horrific tales of slaughter weren't told by actual Veterans, but by random people, some of them strung out on drugs.  How many times have you heard the whole "ears on necklaces" meme?  You think: it was a brutal war, seeking a body count of course that had to mess with people's heads. . . Yes it did.  That does not mean that people would go around cutting off ears and stringing them around their uniform.  You think someone, company commander, Bn Sergeant Major, or hell maybe even the guy's Battle Buddy, might have gotten that guy the hell out of there? Indeed when you actually live in the military you realize how ludicrous this meme is. 

For most Americans this was the "turning point".  But again that doesn't make sense, because the Turning point actually started in 1969 when Nixon began the Vietnamization program and started troop draw-downs.  Indeed while there were still a few major battles to be fought, in terms of timing it would have been like someone protesting WWII after the US Army crossed the Rhine in January of '45.  What VVAW actually accomplished has been hyper-inflated in both history, and popular culture.  Now IVAW, which strangely enough seems to employ the same tactics as VVAW (to include having non-veterans and SMs who never set foot in the Area of Operations as members) has decided to hold their own medal tossing at NATO.  Gee.  Lets see what's wrong with this.

1). NATO never has, nor to my knowledge ever will have anything to do with Iraq.  The US may come to Europe's aid if say the Balkans start acting up, or some EU yahoo gets it in their head to oust someone that should have been ousted decades ago, but don't expect them to reciprocate.

2).  Iraq Veterans Against the War. . . ok. . . So War's over buddy.  There might continue to be some SOCOM involvement but really the War (Second Gulf War, Iraq War, Operation Iraqi Freedom, Global War on Terror- Iraq Front. . . take your pick, all are accurate all have been used) is OVER.  You haven't seen any AVAW groups have you?  So Iraq Veterans being against the War in Iraq makes a whole lot of sense protesting a completely different front with completely different history (and problems).

3).  In all seriousness, a majority of the folks in IVAW beclown themselves by wearing partial uniforms, or dress in ways that are just plain stupid.  Take the star of Occupy for a short while, Marine Sgt Shamar Thomas.  He was yelling at NYPD (for no apparent reason) with Desert Marcam top and medals on. . .  Wrong wrong WRONG!  Almost immediately he was ripped a new one by Veterans (but most especially by Marines) and it was found out that his tales of Combat were greatly exaggerated.  It might be the cool and hip thing to do to wear the uniform all jacked up, but to anyone that's actually worn the uniform it signals one thing Sh**bag.  A worthless troop who probably isn't worth giving the time of day because he's a grade a screw up.

There's so much wrong with this picture I don't know where to begin.

4). Lastly, what exactly do you hope to accomplish?  A dozen guys at best throwing a bunch of brass and ribbon at a building where the people inside are never even going to see it, and during the backdrop of near riots from "peace" protestors. . . you're gesture will mean all of Jack and Squat.  If anything it illustrates how foolish you are. 

Of course we will no doubt be treated to round after round of people talking about it.  I'm sure the next time anyone has a large meeting or hearing about the war we can expect to see the same over and over again.  This pointless meme of Iraq=Vietnam has been debunked so many times that it almost elicits face palm when someone tries to bring it up again, but for the Again Hippies, and the children that for some bizarre reason want to follow in their footsteps this is the only meme they know, so they'll try again and again to get you to believe that meme too.

Actually when put in terms like that, I'm not sure which its more of; sad or pathetic.


Brenda said...

Great post! It just goes to show you, we can't believe everything the MSM spews out of their mouths!

Anonymous said...

My son is a Marine and Shamar Thomas is an absolute disgrace to the USMC. I am appalled at these people that wear the uniform with NO respect! And then trash talk the military! Grrrrrrr!!! Don't get me started!
This is an excellent post, as are all of your posts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and truths.

Anonymous said...

NATO had a office in Baghdad just below mine in 2009-2010

Anonymous said...

This post is filled with ramblings of a person who does not know what they are talking about. You try to refute "general knowledge" about the war/protests but nothing you said is supported by anything besides vague ramblings. You also get very angry about Shamar Thomas about not representing his country well but you precede these statements with insults about the looks of veterans. You try to discredit one veteran throwing his medals, that he earned, back by saying that he did not use soap. I am spending way too much time writing about this but I find it important to make sure you look at your own, quite biased writing and think about what you are saying for a few moments. A lot of these people went through hell in Vietnam and because they came to the conclusion that war was not the right path, they decided that something needed to be done. They protested by throwing their medals away to state that they did not want to receive honors for making innocent bystanders victims of a war. Your claim that the protest was pointless is wrong and not well thought out. I hope that my comment makes you take a look at your own beliefs and think about it from various view points, not just write me off because I am a "hater".