Sunday, May 13, 2007

happy mothers day

I have witnessed the "miricle" of birth. Honestly, it is awful, horrible and disgusting. Best of all newborns are the single UGLIEST things i've ever laid eyes on. Of course Ive seen mothers (and fathers) break down and cry and say she/he's so beautiful. Ummm no but ok. needless to say at one point I was one of those pruned shrivvled masses, that ugly lump of flesh that is some how in some strange way "cute" My Mother, having endured countless hours of leibor, i havn't asked her about, and really I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. That's almost as bad as dad always hinting at the story of my conception.

Of course for roughly 8 years (minus the incomvient and really dangerous pregnancy with Patrick) i was a single child. She took care of me, and really Most parents would have been flustered with me. Running away from school, taring wallpaper off my bedroom while i was put on time out, and circumventing nearly EVERY parental control they put in place. But with her guidance, and quiet gental direction, what might have seemed like one disaster after another taught me (more or less) how to survive.

So today i say, "Here's you you Mom." For all the crap i gave you, and all the things you had to go out of your way to do, thank you. Of course no mere words can say, what i owe her. And her worring about me while i'm here in sunny beautiful (hahaha) Baghdad, probably arn't helping. But life is what it is. I hope for her sake, she is able to move on, and i hope Patrick knows how lucky he is to have her as a mom.

To all the Mothers out there. Thank you. Some of your sons turn out to be assholes (insurgents) but hey thanks for the hells you went through to have us anyway.

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