Monday, May 7, 2007

Worm on the hook

Our new COP is great. Great for getting us neck deep in JAM. But that's the point take the fight to the enemy. Still i wish that we didn't have to be ass in the wind like this. But with all the detials, you'd think we'd have a veritable palace to live in. Not so much. Bunkers, Sandbags, shit burning. It never really ends, but thank God for small favors, the A/C is really a life saver. It really wasn't designed for such a large area, and indeed there are what might be called "micro climates" inside the main room. One partition might be 10 degrees cooler than another, and all there is really in differance is a peice of wood.

Of course the Mortar and Sniper attacks came as something of a surprise. Well not really. After getting pelted day after day with rocks, from kids (some as young as 4 years old), it was kind of to be expected. You could almost see their version of Escalation of force. Of course it wasn't nearly as organized as we usually are. And also of course we thought most of their protests were funny, at least in so far as we didn't take them too serously. Try as they might, we were not going to be swayed by simply protests. And of course actually shooting at us. . . that makes us want to stay MORE.

The sad fact is that these fools don't seem to realize that we'd have been gone long ago had they gotten with the program. A peaceful demonstration is a good sign, that's what we want in a way. . . but these idiots can never stop at simply being peaceful in a crowd, and chanting slogans. No for them they get violent, they throw rocks, they try to hurt us in some small way. Really all it does is piss us off. Protests in my view are pointless. They never stay peaceful, and often they are a prelude to greater violence. Even in america, anit-war protests are at times. . . just as warlike as the wars the profess hating. Vile, snyde, and vulgar, often conducted by people who have more incommon with iraqis (including an obvious distaste for soap) than the soldiers they claim to love or want to protect, or something like that.

We shall see where this leads. In time I am sure, we'll either be sucessful (as the loose cannons always are) or my happy ass is going to get shot. Or blown up.

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