Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lovers become friends.

I think it's pretty official. Of whatever the hell "official" is. Lisa and I are just friends. Although I probably should be hurt, i see her smiling face, and i just can't be mad. I love her. She'll always be something special to me, and i may not ever be able to explain why. Ultimatly this relationship didn't have the strong roots it needed to survive two back to back deployments. It is not anyone's fault. It just is.

Does this put me "back on the market"? No. I'm still hoping to pick up with Lisa when the dust settles, but let's face it, i'm 23 and i've been to war twice. She's 21 and she hasn't been in the army that long. I can't blame her. Hell AIT was insane for me. If i'd had a girl back then. . . well she's in a male heavy MOS, so it's probably just like my experience at Ft Sam, only with less people. Of course Ft Sam will always be a special catagory. Medics ar MEDCOM's grunts. that being said, we partied our asses off, and as for medic females. . . fond memories. haha. Is Lisa sleeping around? No. I don't think so. She's pretty busy from what i take it. she'd have to be pretty determined to sleep around.

I will push on. It's all i can do. with the frusteration with my grandparents, it comes at a bad time. Still, Lisa my dear, if you ever read this, I don't hold it against you. I am not angry. When i looked at your picture, all i felt is warmth of love and acceptance that this is as it should be.

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Anonymous said...

Hey you! I haven't been able to get ahold you in ever...I just sat and read all of your posts from the past like two months. Bro you are breaking my heart! I really wish you were home! I miss you alot. I still really think that you should write a book...I will help you if you ever decide to. I promised you I would, and I still stand behind that. I'm praying for you!