Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hotter than Hell

It is often said "man it is hotter than hell" Personally i have no idea how hot hell gets, but Iraq right about sumer time makes me wonder. Asside from the already ingrained heat, it is also wearing body armor that kind of adds to my misery. Of course this is a subject that has been talked about many a time, but when a guy looks like he just got thrown in a pool, and it's not because he was actually in a pool. . . that's about the time you realize it's really really hot.

Summer is when people wheather conciously or unconciously, start to be more active do more things. people huddle up in winter, in summer they move about. Sadly this is also true for insurgents and Militamen alike. Although i feel like i want to die (figurativly) at times, these people actually want to die, as evidanced by the ENDLESS stream of "myrtr" photos held up on street signs and posters. In truth, nobody will remember these assholes in a few months.

While it is somewhat disconcerting to wake up to mortar fire, even close calls, and near misses can't really deter me from finishing this fight. I am simply waiting for a militaman to poke his head out. Let me catch one trying to shoot at me. I 'll give hime all the opertunity to ask why he's in hell.

So misery continues. I silently smile a wan, knowing smile when soldiers complain about it being 95 degrees. Though it seems the heat is going up 5 degrees a day, I know it will be far far worse. Best of all we are busy. Last time, i managed to miss most of july. The fortune of going on leave early july had me miss the hottest month of the year. Not going to happen this time. Worse, I found out from Lisa my last time in that she is going to Lewis, and worse still deploying in september. Any vauge hope i might have had to pull a rabbit out of my ass disapeared when she told me that. it is only a matter of time now. I know we will remeain friends, most of my ex's do. but lovers? difficult to say. I wish i knew.

one thing i do, a Spartan tradition. I always eat each meal like it's my last. It feels like it is only a matter of time. "EAT HARTY MEN, FOR TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!!!"

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