Thursday, May 15, 2008

Breathing Easier

I can not say what it is exactly but for some reason, over the past few weeks I have felt better, or at least more content, than I have in a very long time. I suppose the sun being out for large portions of the day, or the fact that it isn't always so cold i feel like something important (like my testicles) will fall off. I swear, the ACUs were NOT made for cold (or really hot for that matter)

Anyway, I'm not going out to Bars, though I'd like to, I long ago learned two things: 1). I can't dance and 2). It sucks going by yourself. I suppose part of the reason I don't like going out by my onsies is that I always have those horror stories in the back of my mind, but largely, I really don't have fun when I'm alone. I'm not too good striking up conversation with new people, and I tend not to be able to trust people I've been haningin out with till I get to know them.

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