Monday, May 5, 2008


The fields were beautiful as any the eye had seen,
The meadows full in bloom always,
Always in full long summer days
It was a land so full of green.

The mountains were snow capped, and grand,
The streams were calm and brooks babbling ever fore,
The waterfalls were a sight to shame lore,
Capped with beaches with glistening sand.

Twas said if any laid eyes upon these grounds,
Tears would not be enough,
Through this nameless land, not one inch rough
The birds, streams and waves the only sounds.

Nay na’er but these eyes have seen these views.
If ever a place more peaceful, I have not seen it,
I spent many a day there, in a land where all was fit,
Untouched by scorn, bias or news.

But the distant drum beat called me to fight,
I left thinking to return,
But soon did I yearn,
Would I return to life, and right

Many bloody adventures did I enjoy,
My armor drenched with friend and foe,
Bringing swift justice wherever I would go,
A hunter I became, my pray but a toy.

Time came for my service to end,
And I left to return to my land,
Where the views are grand,
Where I could mend.

Across the seas I traveled followed
By some tempest that never seemed to strike,
But I was not worried I had my pike,
And I was leaving lands hallowed.

I set foot upon the Land at last,
Ageless and timeless still,
Unbent by any will,
I took a deep breathe of clean air at last.

The tempest stalking as ever grew,
But I could not care, it was far,
I could not care, even if it was like a scar
Some distant trouble I knew

But as the days passed it grew near,
Lashing the meadows with fierce winds,
Felling trees with thunder like a cannon,
A howl was all I could hear.

The skies grew dark, a great churning menace,
The air grew thick with debris and stinging rain,
Trees collapsed and fell from the strain,
And still the roar grew louder.

I drew away, towards the mountain,
But the tempest was already there,
To my horror the peak erupted,
Casting an awful orange glare.

The tempest followed my flight,
All the while destruction filled my sight,
The Maelstrom filled the air with stringing clods,
Whole Forests ripped free to fly through the air,

All the while I heard the Howl,
A voice on the win like some evil predator,
Stalking me ready to pounce and end it’s evil prowl
I heard it call to me, from the mount.

I turned toward to the peak,
My arms stinging and torn, filled with cuts too many to count,
There the Tempest sat on the mount like a throne,
Hot molten flying into its core to fuel it’s furry.

I raised a fist and bellowed a shout,
No, my land would not die like this,
I turned to the peak murder in my eyes,
Ready to fight this monster bout for bout.

Each step was a battle, the winds blasting me to my knees,
It grew, consuming everything, making my vision blurry,
Closer I got, the howl was everywhere deafening,
I approached the lip, and then all was still.

I dared not look back, the land was ravaged,
But as I drew near, fear bit at me,
For even though it was hot as Hades,
A cold chill filled my soul, nearly breaking my will.

There at the summit the air was still,
A great cyclone of molten filled the sky,
drawn up to feed the cry,
An in human scream, that shook the ground.

Fear quaked my soul, the fires lashed my body,
On my knees I fell, powerless before the tempest,
But out of fear came anger, I drew strength,
And reared up as rage filling my whole length.

Into the tempest I gave one loud roar,
A challenge, as I bore my chest arms wide,
Come forth and face my might,
To be cast out like a cheap whore.

No words left my lips yet the fire moved near,
Hell’s hot breath upon my face,
The flames made a shape, that gave me pause,
Then, slowly turned to fear.

Twas my own face twisted in cruel hate,
Through the land mocking laughter could be heard,
Laughing at the small and absurd,
Gleaming eyes looked down upon me with irony.

I sank to my knees and wept, for there was only defeat,
The wind whispered in a mocking voice,
“Isn’t this what you wanted?”
I tried to deny, but I was beat.

The face grew with it’s win,
“this is what you are”
And I wept for my great sin,
Realizing I had fallen far.

I closed my eyes and wept bitter tears,
Unable to look at the face anymore,
Oh how I wept on the mount,
For hours, days maybe years,

When at last I opened my eyes, the tempest had gone,
And as I looked down on the mute scene,
All was black grey, not one blade of green,
Earth was all scorched, and only a husk was left.

Smoke still raised from once pristine forests,
The beautiful beaches, now wrecked with debris,
And the air, once so clean was now choked with sulfur and ash,
Making it impossible to breathe.

I went out into the land my rage had created,
Destroyed by my anger’s hot blast,
And amidst the desolation, at last,
I found Peace.

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