Saturday, May 3, 2008

weird ass dream

ok last night I had one strange ass nightmare, I'll try to relay it while it's still fresh in my mind.

ok first off I was not myself I was more observer than particapent. The main charictor was a female secret service agent in charge of protecting the president, but somehow she was treated more like a beloved child. Both he and the First Lady were very gracious and treated her well. At some point there was a really nice white dress given to the woman and she just started crying uncontrolably. They took her to a ball and that's where it gets strange.

At somepoint durring the ball there is a comotion. Enter the undead. The rotting corpses were of the sort that were really unplesent to look at. They were somewhat more skeliton like and the flesh seemed like an afterthought. It was actually scary. at somepoint the nice and fancy guests were all devoured, much screaming, and trying to get the president to the chopper waiting. I was tols that I would meet them on the other side of the river or some nonsense.

At this point the female whatever her role was kind of vanished and it took over the first person point of view. I kept running past houses kind of like overlarfe wooden freamworks wrapped in plastic with tim burtonesque skellitons running around inside. Long story short everyone turned into a decaying corpse and tried to eat me.

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