Monday, May 12, 2008


Well the replacement for my Samsun L 73 finally came in the mail. I'm SO glad, I had tried another type of point and shoot, but the dam thing was pissing me off and bleaching everything, and I just didn't like the result. When i compared it to pitures i had taken in Iraq, it just plain sucked. So I went to Amazon and ordered a new one.

I like the features and the result of the pictures I take. The only gripe I really have is that sometimes i want to focus things differently, and also not having an eye apature can make things difficult. It's nearly impossible in some situations to see what your looking at on an LDC screen in certain sunlight conditions. However I think that the work speaks for itself.

I think, as far as "point and click" cameras go, that is the cameras thet fit in a pocket and are used by the average everyyday person, the L73 is by far the best one I've found yet. While certain brands may come with more features, which also increase the complexity of use, or like Kodak "easy share cameras" are so user friendly that they tend to lead to people acting like Japaneese tourists and snapping pictures of nosehairs. The L73, in my opinion manages to balance the two extremes. The features are there and not overly difficult to use, and if you tweak things a bit, you can take all sorts of interesting pictures. I'm also going to say it's pretty dam durable. Any camera that can last more than a month and an half in Iraq with ME is worthy of praise.

Last sunday I went to the "River Walk" a long meandering path that leads to Milford lake. It is an easy trail that gives both the impression of being in nature, and not being too far from civilization. While I personally thought that some of the "civilized" elements were a bit too close (a rock quarry across the river) Over all it was an interesting walk, and lead to some interesting pictures.



Nicole, ever the photographer was gracious to point out some of the downsides to photographing nature, without being overly critical. Of course she has actually had schooling in this feild, AND she has a better camera. I'll stick my tounge out at her later haha.

Anyway after wandering down the path for about 2 miles, a few times leaving the path and heading down to the river through run off trails, I got back in my car, and headed back to post. Along the way I stopped in Junction City (after lunch at Sonic) and took a few pictures of Heritige Park. there were all sorts of memorials I even took a picture of the Foutain there that came out alright.


I took the long way back to WTB, after all Sunday was such a nice day, and I really was in no hurry. I was just absentmindedly driving, when I made the sudden descision to finally visit the cemitary. In a way I'm glad I did. Even though there were all sorts of butgs there I got some really good pictures, and I also found out some history. I saw two Medal of Honor winners, two American soldiers that had fallen under CSA colors (they're still Americans!!!) It was pretty interesting and Solemn.



Over all a pretty food day. I took something like 100 pictures and most importantly, I had a good day.


Unknown said...

I like it when you have good days. :)

Nicole said...

LOL I wait for the day :-D Your work is continually improving and I'm very proud of you!