Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Better Question for the AG: What DO You Know?

I'm not one to follow C-Span, like some do.  I am not religious in my tracking of the Government, and I do not have the time that reporters do to sit in on some of the House and Senate hearings for every little thing.  One thing I have been following very closely is the Fast and Furious "gun walking" program that the ATF so amazingly screwed up.  When I say amazing I really mean it.  They essentially went to local dealers and told them to allow sales of all sorts of rifles that one does not use for hunting deer if you catch my drift.  A lot of the Dealers being patriotic Americans decided to go along with this in the assumption that the ATF actually knew what the hell it was doing. 

Things kind of fell apart from there.  The Firearms weren't chipped or had their firing pins removed (two standard tactics when the Bush administration did similar operations).  No these were the real deal.  Essentially the dealers and a few low level field agents were getting pretty worried about what was going on and tried to put a stop to it.  The higher ups that had actually authorized the whole thing did two things, the Agents they did have control over got moved off the case and off to different offices.  The dealers, whe mind you were cooperating with a federal investigation actually GOT BLAMED FOR THE WHOLE THING

Things kept escalating, to the point the cartels had an psudo insurgency going on in most of Mexico.  It escalated until it reached freaking Baghdad in 2007 levels of shit hitting the fan, most especially in the northern Mexican states.  Phoenix also had a crime spree that looked like a bad Hollywood movie.  All of it going back to one of the most retarded operations in the history of the Federal Government, which might as well have been called "Operation: I'm a dumbass".  We essentially armed the cartels, with military grade rifles (thank god they didn't get their hands on crew served weapons). 

The SecState, before the details of Fast and Furious leaked, even had the unmitigated gall to suggest that the reason that Mexico was in a state of near war, was entirely because of America's love of guns, and need for drugs.  Well that got a lot of the GOP riled up but no one knew what the hell was going on.  The Brian Terry was killed with one of the guns from Operation Fast and Furious.  Suddenly everything hit the fan at once.  Now you would think with something this big, with a screw up of such monumental proportions it would be the first thing to brief the Attorney General and say "hey sir, we screwed up, here's what you need to know".  The political fallout alone would necessitate briefing the President soon there after. 

What followed went from a simple question of "how did this happen" from Rep. Issa (R-CA) to full blown "WTF" levels of disbelief.  Whats worse than hearing how this whole thing was botched from the get go, is that the AG seems to have no idea who authorized it at one point, no idea who was investigating it, when he was told of it, and what his immediate actions were to deal with the situation.  In fact, it seems as if almost every question asked is answered with either an "I don't know" or "my staff was taking care of it".  That might fly if this were some minor screw up with evidence, but are you seriously expecting me or anyone else to believe that the AG is this incompetent?  Even after thousands of documents were submitted, some of them even describing briefings he sat in on, he still can not remember when he heard about it or if anyone briefed the president. 

So here's a better question.  What the hell are you doing in that office?  I mean its not like you're investigating the New Black Panthers who intimidated voters in the '08 election.  Its not like you spent any serious effort until the House essentially forced the issue, and even then the effort seems halfhearted.  We're investigating all sorts of things that seem not to matter like, where Guitar manufacturers get their wood, and not things like who the hell would authorize this and why aren't they fired yet? 

I am tired of hearing him go uh, uh , uh then tell the people asking him that he has no clue about major issues.  I don't mind mistakes.  I might even accept partisan hacks if they actually get the job done, but quite frankly this AG is incompetent, or corrupt.  Either way he should be fired or removed from office most ricky-tick!  The only way he could screw up more is to endorse some idiotic ruling of say the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to release a bunch of inmates that have to sleep in bunk beds, or fail to investigate the wrong-doing at Solyindra.  Oh wait. 

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