Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fighting Fear

I wrote this durring my first tour

I feel it every day,
I go outside, and cock my weapon,
I hear the Chk Chk, and the fear comes

My thumb rests on the selector switch,
my finger above the trigger well.
then you know this is real.

It's so easy it's scary,
and every odd thing is suspect,
every rock and peice of trash.

My heart pounds, like a wardrum,
waiting for the blast,
waiting for the crack of gunfire.

Some times the fear is low and you relax a little,
sometimes you are scared stiff,
and sometimes, you brace for death

This is my world now. But i chose this life.
I have no family no wife,
I do it so that those that do are safe.

I watched helpless on 9/11
I never felt so powerless.
i never want to feel that way again

so here i am taking the fight to them
And here i am, here i stay
till the job is done, or i am dead

I will do what i have to so you can breathe easy,
I will be here till you are safe.
so sleep well tonight, for i am out there.

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