Friday, March 28, 2008


I am so tired of being here,
In this land hof hatred and fear.
I am so weary of this strife,
i just want to live a normal life.
Some men have a home,
but i am left alone.
Bound to this endless fight,
Always stalking in the night.
I wish i could leave,
i wish i had some reprive.
They say your safer now?
how much death can you allow.
I see the horrors of man,in korea iraq and iran.

Will you welcome me back?
stretch out your arms in friendship?
or will you cast me down as those before?
Treat us like some cheap whore?
What insult will your tounge let slip?
killer, murderer, or simple hack?

Do you care what i have done for you?
When i was one of the proud few?
Or will you scron me forever more,
until i am stripped down to the core?
my brothers, we who shed blood,
shall stand together, through the wind, cold and mud,
that you may never know these pains,
even as you curse us in your refrains.

I am a soldier, i will be forever,
i will strive to end all war,
that peace will last forever more,
I will not quit, not now, not ever

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