Friday, March 28, 2008

Under One roof

Once they lived under one roof.
Once they lived together for truth.

Once long ago one was cast out,
never to be the same allthoughout.

What now is left to them but hate,
the sons of Abraham all so great.

Locked in spinning wheel of retrabution,
fighting eachother unto destatution.

All still under God's roof,
All still seeking God's truth.

how did we come this, we brothers?
Trying to kill all others.

the day will come when we are together again,
won't we alll be so happy then?

But for now we must spill our blood,
and try to stem the suicidal flood.

What happened to our father, that he let this be?
what reasons are ther for this hate?

i can't see.Am i to fall to by brother's hand?
or will together we stand?

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