Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rabbits and eggs. . . still not getting it.

Easter. It's a time of celebration. Strangely enough, you'd think Easter would be celebrated with all the pomp and revelry as christmas (which some people spend almost TWO months to prepair for) seeing as it is pretty much the prime tennant on which the whole christain faith is founded. But no. . . not so much. That's so strange. But aside from some church goers and a few who drag themselves to "the Passion of the Christ" Easter is all about hunting eggs and a rabbit that either lays them, or hides them, or something. I'm not real clear on that.

It's also one of the few times of year where families will get together for the big gatherings. Really family oriented. There'll always be the "big table" and the "small table". For Adults and children respectivly. Great is the day when a boy or girl "graduates" to the big table. Of course it'll be many years before they can contribute to the conversations.

But all this aside Easter this year came in march not in april, for some reason i'm not altogether clear on. Be that as it may, I didn't start off the day in Fallbrook with family. I actually started off in Seatle. After an EARLY flight out of SEATAC, and a flight through Oakland, and then on to Onterio. Dad picked me up from there but I was worn out from the night before. Anyway as soon as I got in, i slept a few minuets. Then it was off to see friends of the family. It's kinda funny having four imature males and two males that only gave lipservice to maturity, the dinner conversation was. . . well not the type you have at dinner.

It was good food, but thankfully no easter egg hunts. I've gotten old enough that those things are tiresome. Well the good news is that I at least had a LOT of good food, and a somewhat good time. Now off to bed I'm tired, and mom is insistant that we "do something" which has me a little forboding

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