Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Grey Mist of Kansas

Oh how much I did NOT miss Kansas. The day i get back is one grey mass. I am not looking foward to being here. Unfortunatly my dumbass came in shorts and flip flops. Well it's really all i had. Dad did the laundry into the night, and i was watching shows on patrick's x box. I gotta say I've never been able to sleep before a early flight. I didn't sleep too much before big flights. So this time, was no exception.

In retrospect that was a BAD idea. I think probably one of the worst i've had yet, because most of the way back from KCI I was half asleep behind the wheel. Almost like my first time through Baghdad. I think there must have been devine intervention because somehow i stayed on the road, some how I managed to avoid the cops that were out in force, and somehow I avoided an annoying habbit to make impulsive decisions while on the road.

I got back to Riley just after the final formation for the day, went to the room looked at the mess i left behind. I think it was a bad idea to leave things as they were. But in the end it all worked out ok. It took me some time but i finally fixed it to where my room is somewhat neat. Of course there are somethings that don't change.

Riley is still under this grey nasty clouds. It is a truly depressing "homecomming". Of course after i got to cleaning things started to unravel upstairs. I think this place has an affect on me. I think that maybe I am going to have to get the hell out of here somehow.

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