Saturday, May 17, 2008

Disgusting Politics

I find nothing on this earth more disgusting than "politics". I have no problem with the art of compromise, but Politics is act of willfully ignoring what is morally right, and what the common good. I have watched with growing dismay as "political" causes have become a lightning rod to those that had less interest in what was right, than what was popular. In Iraq I watched CNN with growing dismay at the vein that politicans were taking.

More and more it became clear that the people leading this country were more interested in themselves then any of the actual causes they were championing. I watched people make politcal grandstanding more important than the war, or the death rate of american troops. I watched incredulous as groups like "Code: Pink" and the greensboro baptist church do absolutly dispicable things in public forum. While the man who was leading the effort in Iraq was telling the senate exactly what was working and what wasn't with the "surge" code pink "crashed" the senate hearings. I was risking my ass and I didn not appriciate this display on my "behalf"

There are other displays, all too reminicent of those durring Vietnam, that I find particularly disturbing. Back then people would yell things like LBJ was a war criminal and then turn around and attack the very troops they were "protecting" with their protests, many of whom were draftees whos only crime was actually showing up.


Many folks in the army simply shake their heads. This particular form of protest while attention getting, and sadly socially destabalizing, is nothing more than the hurtful rants of the impotent. It is one thing when you believe in a cuase, whatever that cause is, it is entirely another thing when you allow that cause to consume you so that you believe that anyone that does not believe in that cause is evil in some way.

I watched the many things that disturb me about politicans. While I do not expect people to be imune to the temptations of power I would hope that in some way shape or form they would be able to at least TRY to resist the abuses of power that I have thus far seen. While Media coverage is slanted definativly to the left, it is clear that there are just as many scandals going on on both sides of the isle. From hiring hookers to dirty text messages and retroactivly changing the rules so you don't get in trouble, to far worse things like earmarking, esentailly bribing the powerful for votes. Devoting money to nosesicle projects that are unnessisary and frivilous.

But perhaps most disgusting of all are the personal attacks. Is it just me or does it seem that to get anything through congress you have to almost bodily attack the opponents of such bills. This is not the Korean senate (where literal fights break out all the time). We as a superpower are suppose to set an example to all the bickering squabbling peoples of the world. I wish someone had the power to say to people "Hey lets all stop shouting and actually LISTEN to eachother."

Far more troubling than the Congress' inability to pass even simple laws, are the courts. Unchecked, judicial activism has begun making policy. Somehow institutions like NAMBLA (North-American Man Boy Love Acosiation, a group that defends men having sex with underage boys) has become protected. The Gay Marrage ban, was lifted without any voter say so. All around laws that seem to be comon sense are being overturned as unconstitutional on grounds that are anything BUT constitutional. Justices have talked about how they feel on subjects. They're only duty is to follow and enforce the letter of the law, not to make it!!!

I hate to say it, but in my personal opinion there is no insult worse than to call someone a politican. The word carries with it all the slanderous dirty and irreverant hijynx that seem to have turned the three bodies of government into a three ring circus. It is absolutly dispicable and I want nothing to do with it, yet as an implimenter of US policy, I am bound to follow the policies that are laid out by body of people whos egos are the only thing bigger than their bank accounts.


M said...

You have some really interesting posts. This one though, I find to be really true. You know what they say "We [military] wear our name on your uniform and our flags on our sleeves. Those in the corporate world wear a sign around their heads saying 'Make us feel important.' " And, basically politics is their tool to feel important.

M said...

Oh and just so you know, I stole that comic picture off you.