Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pain and Morphine

For the record I do not like this Pancretitis pain i have. Whatever the cause is I don't freaking care I want it to stop once and for all, but more over I want a damm explination!!! I don't care if it's some excorsist crap I WANT TO KNOW!!! I am so tired of it, and for the life of me I wish I had never gotten out of the truck! I wish I had never been EVAC'd and I wish I'd never had this FUCKING PAIN!!!

So what is it? Well if you've ever seen Alien, think somewhere along those lines, move it down a bit so it's not actaully on the rib cage and you'll have a general idea what I'm talking about. It feels like something it going to explode (or already has) just below my chest between the arch formed by the rib cage. It hurts like hell and nothing, absolutly NOTHING makes it feel better.

For those of you out there that are in the medical profession, well the original diagnosis of Pancretitis (handed down at the CSH in Baghdad no less.) is apparently not entirely correct. Although what exactly it IS no one seems to have the slightest clue. They can tell me what it's NOT but not really what to do to fix it other than stay away from alcohol. Freaking great man.

So here's the story. I'd been moving stuff to a storage unit pretty much all day long. Thanks to whe whole mover thing, I had to have my room cleared out,so i spent pretty much two weeks getting almost no sleep and busting my ass the whole time. Well I was on the second to last load (slow going in a Ford Mustang) and I'd pretty much filled up my 5X5 storage unit.

anyway as I'm comming through the gate (Grant?) I was starting to feel it. It starts comming on slowly, and then hits you like a frieght train. Well I was half way across main post to the barraks by the hospital. and i was sweating like a politician on trial. I was starting to be unable to focus on anything but the pain. I was thankful I made it to the parking lot. I was going to go to the room and just curl up into a ball, and just try to let it pass, but i remembered at the exact moment i turned my car off that I was suppose to get my blood drawn if it happened again, so off to the ER I went.

they asked what was wrong I told them my story, and they asked what my symptoms were and I said lots and lots of pain. Looking back I think my ER in Darnell worked WAY better. Anyway they take me back, and three shots of IV Morphine later I was loopy as hell. Here's the funny thing, it didn't help. Actually Morphine doesn't get rid of the pain, it makes you not care about the pain. Anyway I was maxed out and it STILL wasn't helping. So long story short until it went away on its own. They released me once the labs came back as normal. I'd hate to think they think i wnet in there for morphine. The thing is i actually DON'T LIKE MORPHINE!!! I just want the pain to STOP!

It took my squad leader taking me back to my room high as hell. I was tripping all over myself and a group of people one building over were laughing asking if I was drunk. No I replied that i was really high. Haha. I came back to my room and just passed the hell out.

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