Monday, July 21, 2008

The Amarican Dream, not really as the Founding Fathers saw it.

today in America, everyone can pretty much make their oppinion known. Hell everyone can do pretty much whatever they want to do. In the world of instant access there is almost no one that can not have their voice heard. You will hear opinions, tirades, and "facts" putting out every point of view imaginable. Every issue is digested and there for public consumption. In a uniquely American tradition all our leaders and all our laws are open to debate. The result is that if just one word is mispoken in public eye, even if it is in private sometimes the whole world will know about it in a matter of minuets.

While it was always the "Armerican way" to challange boundries, and try to better yourself by making the world a better place, I serously doubt that people have gotten it right. In the last couple of years I have become more and more aware of people who are out right looney demanding to be taken serously. You have everything from people crying "Racist" every time someone utters the word "black" you have rabid femminists and gay activists crying sexism every time someone says something remotely against them, and the worst part of all, my tax dollars actually pay for their outrage.

So what happened? Why are things that used to be private issues now being thrown in my face? Well sadly we, are to blame. We have allowed our inhabitions to be slowly erodded and now children who haven't even gone trhough puberty are making choices about their sexuality. How can you make a choice about sexuality if you're physically and mentally uncappible of handeling the implications?

I pull out a line from "the Patriot". "Tell me, why should I trade One tyrant three thousand miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away?" I am forced to not only see, but hear everything. Whatever a person did in their home, I didn't have to know unless I was invited into it, but now there are all sorts of groups which take traditionally private acts public. I'd like to report that I'm not in anyway biased, but the truth is I am a conservative and the Liberal antics that are getting more and more raucous in an effort to be accepted (see South Park episode "Death Camp of Tolerance"). Listen folks I will probably never accept you the way you wanted.

I don't care if mommy loved you too much or daddy didn't love you enough, you have the clap, the City of Chicago sucks, a chimpanzee gave you AIDS, your tooth hurts, and no one wants to see my nasty exibitionsim. Listen people the 1st Amendment is written on PAPER! Just because someone said you have the right not to be persecuted from the government for excersizing your free speech, does not mean in any way shape or form that you have the right to force me to accept you.

Tolerance means I tolerate you. It doesn't mean that I blindly accept you. I don't care if you were offended because I used the word "black" once, or that I'm white and seem to be well off. Why is it acceptable for people to make remarks about southerners all being retarded inbreds, and yet if anyone says anything remotely observant about the rampant crime in a certain ethnic community, or the spiraling rates of single parents, and you are instantly branded a racist. A perfect example of over-reacting to percieved racism would be the "Jenna Six". Even though it was a clear cut case of six kids beating the ever loving shit out of one kid, and yet, somehow it became a racial issue. Why? Because a completely unrelated event involving a noose happened a few days earlier.

The founding Fathers for all their follies, knew one thing, the constitution, for all its literally revolutionary aspects, was only as good as the people that are elected to enforce, and amend it. When a whole society starts to lose its base values, then said society is doomed, no matter how great its starting principles are. The sad fact is I truly believe that a sort of social anarchy is fast approaching. Be it from decreasing morals, or lack of interpersonal skills, or even lack of physical contact, the simple truth is that like a traveler in the woods we have lost our path.

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