Saturday, July 12, 2008

Broke Broke Broke

So Hermans weddind did more dammage to my wallet than I thought. It wasn't just the driving (by the way I got raped at the pump) it was the Suit, the Shoes, and of course there were a lot of things that I had to do. Add to that there was also country stampede, there was also Sundown Salute, and there might have been one or two impusle buys. How I spent the money really isn't important. Its what I do about it.

First off I've never been the type to squeeze every penny. I don't belive that money, or wealth of any kind really should be hoarded too zealously. Its always good to have some in reserve, but if you keep saving for some distant future to finally cut loose, you'll find you had no fun along the way. An Ironic statement seeing as poor people spend a lot of time worrying about where they'll get money.

Truth is even though I really want to go out and have fun tonight, and do all the things stupid 24 year olds do, I can't go out and drink, or really go anywhere (Happens when you drives a gas guzzler) its ok. I don't really care. There aren't many places I really want to go right now. There are a lot of things I'd *like* to do, but hey its not really anything I can do about it. I'm not really stressing about it. In fact stangely I don't really care.

Money, its so strange. you don't really notice it till you need it, then you don't have it. You can either stress about it and drive yourself to an early grave, or you can just learn to take it easy. Either way, its like the Beatles said. "I don't care much for money, money can't buy me love"

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